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Avoiding Downfalls

Follow Jane's simple top tips to help you make savvy and sensible diet plan choices. Bye bye diet downfalls!

It can be hard to keep motivated on a diet plan. The even harder part can be breaking bad habits or restraining our mindset to eating. Half of the time we might not even realise that we are making unhealthy choices! Learn more from Jane here.

So follow these simple tips to avoid diet and weight gain traps: 

  1. Eating off an adult-sized plate could be one of the reasons you're piling on the pounds. A study carried out at Cornell University showed a 22% reduction in calories consumed when using a 25cm plate versus a 30cm plate. Using a smaller plate is less disheartening because the smaller portions you're eating will appear much larger. On Jane Plan, we provide you with calorie controlled portions so you don't have to think about it, find out more about our gorgeous calorie controlled diet meals here.
  2. You feel ravenous when you get home and immediately reach for food. Sometimes our bodies confuse thirst with hunger. Have a glass of water first to help you know the difference.
  3. Guilty of nibbling while cooking? You would be surprised how many calories creep in when it comes to mindless eating. Seeing food on your plate will give you a better idea of portion size and help you to enjoy every bite too. 
  4. You rush a meal and eat it as fast as you can. Eat more slowly. It takes 20 mins for our brain to register when we are full and for your brain to catch up with your digestive system. If you eat too quickly you're more likely to eat more than you need. 
  5. You hit the shops on an empty stomach. Hungry shoppers buy more calories. Go shopping after dinner and you are more likely to stick to your shopping list.
  6. Hello biscuits, cakes and sugary snacks. We say wave goodbye to them! If they are in your kitchen you are creating unnecessary temptation. Stock up on healthy crudités so that the next time you have a craving you'll reach out for healthy alternatives.
  7. Only a corner of your plate is filled with vegetables.  Increase this to half a plate. Not only are veggies nutritious and delicious, they are low in calories and high in fibre so they will help keep you full for longer.
  8. Stockpiling multi-buys?  Our advice is to buy portion-divided foods. You are less likely to get through several individual servings in one go.
  9. Skipping breakfast becoming a habit? Don't do this. It will slow your metabolism and can cause sugar dips throughout the day. Eat a healthy, low calorie breakfast such as a slow release porridge, low fat yoghurt and berries. 
  10. Buy foods labelled ‘healthy’,’ low-fat’, ‘no added sugar’ thinking that they are guaranteed to be healthy? The majority of this is clever marketing and many of these meals are very high in calories. Check both the front and back labels.

We would be delighted to help you with Jane Plan and if you are interested in our Plans, you can view our range of bespoke diet Plans here.

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