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A Little Piece of Calm

With so many changes in our daily lives, we're committed to giving you a regular dose of happiness and positivity. This week, I want to share with you what we've been up to here at Jane Plan HQ to keep our little business up and running to support our wonderful team, our community, the NHS and of co

Coping in the Crisis
The last few weeks have been full of ups and downs. There have been frantically busy times, and then moments when I don't know what to do next. I feel like that's how our lives will be for the next few weeks or maybe even months. There will be some hard times for all of us, yet, there will also be some positive moments, that are full of love, kindness, and generosity. 

Like many of you, I am working at home right now and it's not always easy. Along with my amazing team, trying to support thousands of customers, juggle numerous food suppliers, (many of whom are trying to get hold of basics like rice and onions to make our meals), and deal with the general tech issues that come when you're working from your kitchen table, it's been hard to carve out a moment of calm. (And I haven't even mentioned the shopping, cooking and general household chores that come with any family). This will sound familiar to many of you! One of the things I have noticed is how wonderful all you Jane Planners are - your kind words, patience and understanding have been inspiring. So thank you to all our clients. The other thing I have noticed is how when living in isolation how hard it is to find a little moment of calm. So here are my top tips on calming your mind in the chaos (in between washing your hands of course). 

  •  Establish a routine you can stick to every day
  • Stay in touch with loved ones by video call - there's nothing like chatting to a dear friend or family member
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time and turn off all devices
  • Don't watch too much of the news - one bulletin a day
  • Stay off social media as much as you can
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Get outside once a day for your hour's designated exercise and say hello to passers-by- whilst social distancing of course
  • Take 10 minutes every day just for you - whether it's in the bath, in the garden or even in bed, and empty your mind of thoughts of the future, just breath, relax and think of something that makes you smile
And here's what we've been up to at Jane Plan

The Jane Plan Care Package
We launched the Jane Plan Care Package two weeks ago and have been blown away by the number of orders we've received. It's a privilege to be able to help so many people who need good healthy meals delivered to the door. The Care Package is only available by word of mouth so do please continue to tell your loved ones about how we can help. HERE or ask them to call us on 0203 489 4770.

NHS and Dr. Sarah Jarvis
Regular readers will know we have been donating Jane Plan favourites like Lasagne and Chicken Tikka Masala to the London Ambulance Service and they have been both eating them themselves and also distributing them to NHS hospitals in London. We are making our next drop-off tomorrow. If you've been watching the BBC news you will also have seen our Expert Advisor Dr. Sarah Jarvis, broadcasting pretty much every day. She has become the trusted and calming voice in the chaos that surrounds the news on the spread of Corona Virus. We are so proud of the work she is doing and also soooo proud she is the Jane Plan Advisor on all things healthy eating related. Thank you, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, for all your support.
Yoga with Georgie
The very first taster session of Yoga with Georgie was on Saturday and was a resounding success. You've all requested more classes, so watch this space for news. The next taster session is tomorrow, Monday 6 April at 5.30pm.

How to register for your chosen session
All you need to do is click the link of your chosen session below - the link will take you through a booking system called Eventbrite. You will then be asked for a password. The password to enter both events is 'janeplan'. Next, simply pop in your name and email address and you're good to go! Sessions are limited to 50 people so we're offering the spots on a first-come first-served basis.

To sign up for taster session 2 - click here (5.30-630pm Monday 6 April)

Yummy Lockdown Snacks from Plant Pops
And finally, a little treat to boost your time in lockdown! Trying to support small businesses is so important at this time and that's one of the reasons we've all been munching on Plant Pops’ Popped Lotus Seed snacks. A bit like popcorn, but without any of the bits that get stuck in your teeth, they make a great afternoon snack when you’re working from home. Their whole range is under 99 calories. They come in a range of sweet and savoury flavours - my favourite is their Smoked Chilli flavour!

Plant Pops have put together a discount for the Jane Plan community and using the code JANEPLAN gets you 25% off everything in their online shop and 15% off their snacks on Amazon
So why not treat yourself!
Have a wonderful week and.....
We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback on our products or content, in these times we want to make sure we are delivering what our clients need, so the more input from you the better.

Stay safe, stay sane and find a little moment of calm.

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