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Kitchen Exercise Routine

Ever heard that abs are made in the kitchen?! We have taken the term very literally and formed an easy, cheap, fun (ish) work out scheme for ameteurs. They can be preformed whilst your dinner is in the microwave! Turn your kitchen into a micro-gym with these six moves.

Stove Squats
Squats sound far more scary and technical than they are, step your legs just further than hip width apart and lower your bum down as slowly as you can bear. Just like you would when putting something in the oven. You should be aiming to get your knees and hips parallel like you are sitting on a chair. Raise and lower as many times as you can, you’ll gradually be able to do more and squat lower, and TRUST us you will feel the burn in your tush and thighs.
Baked Beans Bicep
You’ll look odd, we’re not saying you won’t. Grab two tins of beans (or whatever tin you have lurking in the back of the larder) and hold one in each hand. Extend your arms straight out so they are in line with your shoulders and you have made the shape of a cross with your body. Keeping your arms straight, make small circles with both your arms until you feel the burn. This exercise will tone under your arm and your shoulders.
Broom twist
Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the broom out horizontally in front of you with your hands wider than your shoulders. Lift it over your head so it is directly above your shoulders. Engage your abdominal muscles and, ensuring you have enough space around you, start to twist from side to side. Make sure you keep breathing and pulling your abdominals in. This will target your obliques (the muscles running down the side of your stomach).


Flour Deadlift
Take your 1kg of flour (UNOPENED – you can only imagine the clean up if it wasn’t) and hold it horizontally at your chest in both hands. Lift your elbows so they are pointing outwards and step shoulder width apart. Squat like you did at the stove and when your hips are in line with your knees tap the flour (LIGHTLY – still envisioning potential clean up) on the floor and then stand up again. As you stand raise the flour above your head and then repeat! Feel the burn in your arms, things and bum.
Chair Dips
This one is a killer! Facing the direction you would if you were sitting in the chair, grip the side edges of the seat and bend your knees so they are at a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower your bum to the floor and raise, giving each rep around five seconds to complete. Your arms, thighs, stomach and shoulders should be aching by the time you’ve done 10!

Rolling Pin Hinges

Start standing upright about three feet away from a counter. Bend forward so your hands touch the counter, holding the rolling pin between them. Rolling the rolling pin away from you until your back is flat, your arms are extended, and there is a 90-degree angle forming from your torso to your legs. Push your rear end toward the wall behind you until you feel a tightness in the back of your legs. Now, pressing your feet into the floor and pushing your hips forward, pull the rolling pin back towards you as you straighten to a standing position.

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