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Top tips for avoiding portion distortion in your diet plan

Over the past few years, portion sizes have grown larger and larger, which means most of us are eating more than we need in our regular diet.

Did you know that a study by the food standards agency found that ready meal portions have grown significantly in the last few years; for example, a shop bought beef lasagne averaged around 250g in 1999 but by 2008 had grown to 500g!

Big portions have become the norm, both when eating out and at home, but not to worry - Jane Plan has a few golden rules to keep you on track when you are eating off diet plan.


Avoid eating from containers, mixed bowls or saucepans. Seeing food on a plate or in a bowl gives you a better idea of portion size. Nibbling while cooking is a hard one to break, but follow this tip and you'll break the habit for life.

Reduce plate size. In a study carried out at Cornell University, reducing plate size from 30cm to 25cm led to 22%  fewer calories being consumed. Eating one of your diet plan meals in a smaller plate can be much less disheartening than a large plate that’s half empty.

Eat slowly as part of your diet plan. It takes twenty minutes for your brain to register that you are full, so taking your time allows your brain to catch up with the signals coming from your digestive system.


Buy portion-divided foods. You are less likely to get through several individual servings in one go, but it can be easy to get through a whole packet.

Avoid multi buys. You can end up eating more.

Watch out for ‘healthy foods’. Just because they say they are healthy does not give you the green light to eat more. They can still be high in calories!


Restaurant portions can be large and in pub restaurants they are sometimes even larger. Eat slowly, and stop as soon as you feel full.

If a pizza is more than 25 cm across, share it. US research suggests an average pizza serving has a massive 850 calories today, compared with 500 calories 20 years ago.

Sharing is caring. If you can’t go without pudding, ask someone to share it with you.

Follow our rules and eat less of everything, keeping your protein portions the same size as your iPhone and filling the rest of your plate with salads or vegetables.

You’ll soon see the difference!

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