Picture for Make your diet plan ‘plant-strong’

Make your diet plan ‘plant-strong’

Boost your fruit 'n' veg intake to increase your chances of successful weight loss!

Research suggests that people who follow a plant strong diet plan have a lower incidence of certain diseases, including heart disease and cancer. We’re not suggesting you become a vegetarian, but try to introduce one meat free day a week. At Jane Plan we support Meat Free Mondays. We have a range of menus that make it possible to make a diet that's most suited to your tastes and you can view our plans here

You can take small steps that will make a real difference to you weight loss. Make fresh fruit and vegetables a larger part of your diet and you’ll be amazed at just how great you feel!

While it's very important to eat a range of fruit and vegtables, we also encourage a greater proportion of vegetables in your diet plan. This is because whilst many fruits are full of goodness, they can also be high in fructose and calories. On the other hand, vegetables contain lots of fibre and far less sugar. A medium banana, for example, contains 142 calories - whereas 2 handfuls of crudité (sliced raw vegetables such as carrot sticks) can contain as little as 30 calories!

Every now and again, try replacing your mid-morning piece of fruit with some crudité. It will give you the satisfaction of having something to munch on...without adding up the calories!

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