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4 Ways to Stay Realistic About Your Weight Loss Journey

Four top tips to ensure a healthy eating diet plan, positive attitude and realistic goals this summer.

Weight loss doesn't just happen overnight, as lovely as that would be! It requires a healthy eating diet plan, a positive attitude and realistic goals. With so many fad diets out there designed to help you lose weight ‘fast’ it’s very easy to believe in their marketing promises. Taking meal replacements or cutting out carbohydrates, or any other food group, is not sustainable for your body and may not actually help you lose weight. When we cut out entire food groups we lack certain nutrients that allow our bodies to function at their best. Unfortunately weight loss is not something that happens overnight. As lovely as that would be, there are no magic wands or pills to change that. It requires a healthy eating diet plan, a positive attitude and realistic weight loss goals.

Don’t rely completely on the scales

For too many people successful weight loss comes down to what the scales are telling them. Sure it is a great way to track progress and help motivate you but it doesn’t measure the inches that you’re losing on your body or the increase in your energy levels or the improvement in your sleeping pattern. This is because following a healthy diet plan has so much more to offer than weight loss alone. So don’t rely completely on the scales to tell you how great you’re doing, focus on the positive changes you’re making to your overall health and well-being. You’re taking control of your eating habits and giving your body the nutrition it needs while improving your energy levels and overall health.

Have the right weight loss attitude

Some days will be go perfectly to plan and others just don’t turn out like that - it’s called life and sometimes it decides to test us. So strive for balance and accept that not everything is in your control and that that is ok, after all life would be very boring if everything went exactly to plan. Use these moments to grow as a person, learn from them and strive to deal with them better next time around.

Be kinder to yourself, you’ve taken steps to make changes towards a happier, healthier you, so try and cut yourself some slack! If you have a slip up it isn’t the end of the world, how you deal with it is much more important. Don’t let it ruin the rest of your day or even your week. Draw a line under it and get straight back on track, after all you can’t turn the clock back to erase it but you certainly can change how the rest of day goes. Remind yourself on a daily basis that you’re doing the best you can.

Don’t be tempted to skip meals

Another popular ‘trick’ that many people think will help them lose weight fast is skipping meals. This is probably one of the most common things people do, thinking it will kick start a diet and help drop that extra couple of lbs in time for the weekend. However, what many people are not aware of are the effects skipping meals has on your body other than potential weight loss. These include slowing down your metabolism and overeating - thinking that because you skipped breakfast and lunch you have a free pass to eat the whole day’s worth of calories in the evening. This can lead to weight gain, as the calories your body doesn’t burn that evening will be converted to fat. On top of this you will probably feel miserable and low on energy all day. By eating regular healthy balanced meals throughout the day you are keeping your metabolism working and burning calories.

Have realistic weight loss goals

Be realistic about your goals, weight gain doesn’t happen overnight so we can’t expect to lose it that quickly. A healthy 1-2lbs per week is both realistic and sustainable. At the beginning of any weight loss journey it does tend to be higher and this is generally down to the water weight that you lose before the body starts to burn fat stores. Weight loss requires patience, effort and dedication. It may take a while, but if done correctly can be sustainable for your entire life.

Pounds add up quickly so the next time you feel disheartened by “only” losing the one, visualise how much that actually is and be proud that you aren’t carrying it around with you anymore! :)

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