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Calorie Conscious Canapés

Struggling to stick to your diet around all the tempting drinks party treats? Try some of our canapé ideas to keep that diet plan on track!

The canapés plates at a drinks party are a terrible temptation at Christmas time. Rather than struggling to constantly say no as you're offered yet another mini sausage roll, why not try some of our delicious and healthy canapés? You'll save yourself half the calories and set your diet plan in action!

Rocket wrapped in Parma Ham

Rather than serving sausage rolls (53 cal each), why not try taking a small bunch of rocket leaves and wrapping in a slice of Parma Ham (24 cal each). The perfect quick and easy party food! They are delicious simply served as is, or you can garnish with a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of poppy seeds.

Smoked Salmon Roll

Sausages on a stick are also a Christmas party food stable but unfortunately just a couple of these can rack up the calories (84 cal for two). We suggest rolling up a slice of smoked salmon with a dollop of low fat crème fraiche. Half the calories, and just as delicious!


It is impossible to go to a party without there being some form of crisps to nibble on. Plus it is very easy to graze on them throughout the evening, particularly if you happen to be standing near the food table! So we recommend serving a big plate of crudité with a tomato salsa or low-fat sour cream dip. Not only will this be healthy, but its will add some colour to your food display!

Satsumas and Clementines

Having a big bowl of satsumas or clementines can make a gorgeous centrepiece, plus will give you something healthy to nibble on!

Mini mince pies

Mince pies are a vital part of any Christmas celebration, but unfortunately all that buttery pastry and sugary dried fruit mean they are full of calories (240 cal per pie). While we would never tell you to skip the mince pies (we wouldn’t want to ruin Christmas!), we would recommend serving mini mince pies. There are available at most supermarkets, and can easily half the calories you eat, without ruining the Christmas cheer!

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