Can we slow down the ageing process?

My Lockdown self-care has been fairly limited when it comes to hair and skin - I haven't even bought a new moisturizer since March, so like everyone else, I can't wait for the hairdressers to open next week!

It's funny how little things, like a trip to the hairdressers, can make us feel more confident, more positive and it can even make us feel younger.But staying young isn't just about hair and skin care - it's about what we eat, how we sleep, taking exercise and our mental health.

So here are four proven rules, which will help us all stay young.

Limit your calories – Studies show that eating a low-calorie diet can make you age more slowly, and help you live longer.
Focus on sleep quality -  Fragmented sleep is associated with heart disease, inflammation and mental health issues - so getting a good night's sleep has a positive effect on our physical and mental health.
Walk every dayWalking at least 4000 steps a day can improve attention, performance, information processing and cognitive function.
Meditate to look younger and slow ageingDaily meditation, including yoga, may protect our chromosomes from deterioration - preventing cells from withering and slowing down signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, grey hair and sagging muscles. 

Our team of fabulous Nutritionists can advise you on the benefits of following a calorie-controlled diet, sleep, yoga, daily exercise - as well as a whole host of other things associated with healthy living. We're so proud to be the only healthy meal delivery company that provides one- to- one support from a fully qualified Nutritionist and whilst I can't promise we can make you look younger :) we can help you make lifestyle choices that have a real impact on all aspects of your health and well-being.

You've often said you'd like to get to know the team better, so this week, we have a Q & A with our amazing Nutritionist, Alexandra!


Alexandra, Jane Plan Nutritionist and lover of brunch!


Meet Alexandra
Tell us briefly about yourself?

I studied Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Reading. I chose this degree because I have always been passionate about food, exercise and having a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition has been a huge part of my life which was fuelled by competitive sport from a very young age.


What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to exercise as much as I can and try out new brunch cafes in London with my friends. 

Why did you want to work at Jane Plan?
I have been passionate about food, fitness and nutrition throughout my whole life and after reading about Jane Plan I believed it was the perfect fit for me.

What is your most important nutritional advice you can give?
Everything in moderation.

What is your go-to snack?
Sweet and salted popcorn, as it is a guilt free snack. 


News from Jane Plan 

Dr. Sarah Jarvis, our Expert Advisor, will be on national radio next week talking all about Jane Plan. We've commissioned a survey which has revealed just how much weight we have gained in Lockdown. Dr. Sarah Jarvis will be discussing ou survey and how Jane Plan can help the nation get back on it's feet, when it comes to eating healthy and being a healthier weight. 

Dr. Sarah Jarvis has been a leading media figure throughout the Covid10 crisis, you may have heard on Radio 2 or Woman's Hour, or seen her on The Jeremy Vine Show, and we are so proud to have her working with us as part of our team.



Best wishes and stay happy and healthy,

Jane and the team