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Diet tips for eating Greek

Looking for the best healthy eating tips when eating out at a Greek restaurant? Look no further..


  • Greek dips are best served with raw vegetables rather than pitta bread. Dips or hummus and taramasalata can loaded with oil so opt for tzatziki. It's made from plain yoghurt and cucumber and contains around 20 calories per tbsp
  • Meze typically includes a selection of hot and cold appetisers, which are piled in the middle of the table so everyone can help themselves – this allows great freedom with portion control
  • Greek salad which often has feta cheese is a good source of calcium and is lower in fat and and calories than most hard English cheeses. The tomatoes are packed with vitamin C
  • Rocket salad is high in iron and very low in calories
  • Grilled fish, meat or vegetables are the best low calorie main meal options 
  • Tomato-based sauces tend to be lower in calories

Still worried that you might make the wrong choices? Don't be, the main thing to remember is that moderation is key and portion control is the best way to curb tricky situations like eaitng out. The next lot of tips can act as your cheat-sheet. 


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a small portion
  • Fill your plate with salad and ask for the dressing on the side.
  • Ask for fresh fruit as a dessert
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the meal
  • Try drinking spritzers if you are tempted by wine
  • Choose grilled fish – portion control is key and your serving of fish should be the same size as a cheque book
  • Grilled chicken dishes like souvlaki skewers are a good option but avoid pitta bread
  • Ask the waiter to explain how the dishes are cooked and ask for ‘tweaks’ to ensure low fat options are maximised
  • Choose lean or white meat
  • Vegetarian options can look healthy but can be calorie-laden or contain high levels or cheese or cream

Absolute no nos...

  • Cheese pie - a local Greek speciality is best avoided
  • Say no to calamari or anything deep fried
  • Avoid creamy sauces combined with meat-based dishes such as Moussaka which are high in calories.
  • Bread basket? No way!
  • Don’t even look at the dessert menu. While absolutely delicious, baklava is soaked in honey and full of calories.
  • Avoid the ouzo and retsina, remember there are seven calories per gram in alcohol!




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