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Eating healthily in your 40's

Many women in their 40's find time for themselves again, so follow our advice to improve your health and make sure you're getting the right nutrients

Whilst the three basics of wellness stay the same throughout your life – eating a balanced dietregular exercise and a healthy lifestyle – you should keep in mind that as you move through different stages of life, your body’s nutritional requirements will change as your body and hormone levels alter. So follow our advice to make sure you eat right in your 40's. 

In your 40’s, women start to find some time for themselves again and often want to improve their health and fitness. Keeping your body well supplied with iron provides vitality, helps your immune system function at its best and gives your mind an edge. Fibre reduces bloat and makes you feel fuller longer. Plus, fibre helps decrease cholesterol and reduces your risk for colon cancer. Aim for a mix of soluble (from fruits, vegetables, barley, and oats), and insoluble (from whole wheat bread and bran).

Your levels of the hormone oestrogen also start to decline in your 40s, often causing pre-menopausal symptoms, so it can be helpful to include phytoestrogens in your diet. These are foods that possess hormone-like properties and mimic the effect of oestrogen at low doses, including soya beans, flaxseed, wholegrains, bran and beans.

Drinking responsibly will also benefit your overall health. The recommended daily allowance is two to three units per day, and it’s a good idea to try and have some alcohol free days during the week and spread your weekly allowance out evenly (14 units per week). 

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