Picture for Get fit, socialise and lose weight!

Get fit, socialise and lose weight!

Taking up an activity could be just the thing to bring new friends into our life and shift those extra pounds too...

If you do balk at the idea of pulling on a tracksuit, why not enlist the help of a friend to keep you motivated! Having someone by your side will ease those feelings of lethargy and lack of drive. Often times, the worst part about a new exercise routine is the anticipation - once we're out of the house and moving, we feel great. 

Try something new 

Joining a new class is exciting, so why not try out something like Nordic walking or a dance class? These activities burn a hefty amount of calories and we all know that having a giggle with a friend makes everything that bit easier. A group activity is a lovely way to widen your circle and build connections too.

Have a natter 

One of the main reasons that people give up on exercising is because of boredom, but a 30 minute workout will fly by if you are gossiping with your friends and it's a great opportunity to tell them about your diet plan! The other thing to remember is how much of a support you can be to your friend. If they are also following a diet Plan, then you will know the pitfalls, struggles and low points so you can lend an ear and kind words. Stay strong, you'll be a tower of strength to each other. 

Dig deep

At Jane Plan, we completely understand the willpower that's needed to embrace fitness and eat well. The good news is that the positive results that we hear from our clients makes it worth it - no yo-yo diets, just proven weight loss. We have a feeling that by the time you get to the end of this article, you'll be raring to go and start your fitness routine with friends!

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