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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

What’s stopping you starting your Diet Plan?

Making the decision to start a diet can be a difficult one, and sticking to it can be even harder. We all have our own little excuses that stop us taking that leap and starting a new healthy diet plan. What's yours?
Do you often hear yourself say things like, "I’ll start eating healthier diet meals on Monday?'' ''I can't lose weight this month because I'm just far too busy/too stressed/have no money".  Or do you simply love food too much?
Every day, hundreds of people tell us why they've been putting their diet on hold, so we've put together some easy to use ideas to help you overcome the diet starts tomorrow syndrome.

Here we debunk the top 5 common excuses for not starting your diet plan:

1. I'm too busy to diet

Finding time to plan, shop and cook healthy diet food is hard, and trying to prioritise losing weight is even harder.

Solution: With your diet food delivered, shopping and planning is no longer an issue. But if you're not currently on a diet plan, know your food and know your limits. If you're eating on the run, having accurate information to make the right food choices is key. Use My Fitness Pal to track your calories. (All the Jane Plan diet meals are on there).

Eating out? It doesn't mean you can't diet. Watch your portions, eat 1/3 less than you're served and restrict yourself to one glass of wine.

2. I always gain weight again

If you're a yo-yo dieter, it can be hard to get up and try again because all that motivation has gone. At Jane Plan we understand this - it's tough to get over.

Solution: Don't lose faith, even if you're not on Jane Plan, we're here to help. Learn from your diet - understand what, when and why you are eating, and take the principles of the diet plan with you, even when it's over. Compare your attitude to dieting with other people's attitudes to getting fit. For example, fit people don't stop exercising once they've become fit, they keep going to maintain their fitness levels. It's the same principle with a diet. Once you've finished your diet plan and reached your goal, don't forget what you have learnt, continue being a conscious, healthy eater, and don't let your old habits creep back in.

View your diet plan as a long term learning curve, not a short term fix, and the weight will stay off - forever.

3. Eating healthily is too expensive

Today the supermarket shelves are filled with 'BOGOF's (buy one, get one free), especially for cheap, often unhealthy, high calorie foods. These deals are tempting, but often a false economy. FACT - did you know, if you buy larger portions, you'll eat larger portions?

Solution: Plan your meals and buy accordingly. If you plan your weekly meals you will only buy the ingredients you really need and can budget accordingly. It also stops you adding extra naughty things into the basket.

Shop from a list and buy seasonally to help balance your budget.

4. I love food too much!

"I can't live without bread, biscuits, chocolate, wine..". Diet plans are commonly associated with banning all the foods you love, but this doesn't have to be the way.

Solution: Being on a diet doesn't have to mean boring rabbit food. At Jane Plan, we never ban anything. You can still eat a little of what you fancy but in a controlled and conscious way. Build into your diet plan a 'night off', that way you won't get bored and research suggests you'll stick to your diet longer. 

Want to do Jane Plan and take a night off every week? Ask the team, and we'll create a diet plan delivery that does exactly this.

5. I deserve a treat

Tough week at work? Friday night comes, we think we deserve a treat and food is the first thing we think of...so it's straight to the takeaway menu draw. Time to think again!

Solution: Instead of turning to food to reward yourself, turn to some 'me' time. Take some time out, relax and unwind. A warm bath, a walk in the park, a great movie - anything that doesn't involve food.

Stop using food as comfort and you'll be surprised how easily the lb's slip away.

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