Picture for Exercise is optional, movement is essential!

Exercise is optional, movement is essential!

Being sedentary has become "normal". Many of us work in jobs that don't require our bodies to move, and this is particularly true over the last few months, we drive everywhere as opposed to walking, and we are surrounded by machines that supposedly make our lives easier.


All of this means we move less! Some us compensate by taking regular exercise - and if that's you, then well done. I know from personal experience how good this makes me feel - and we all know the health benefits of regular exercise. But many of us struggle to fit exercise into our lives, we don't have the time, the inclination, the equipment, or even the know-how. If that sounds familiar - don't despair - we're here to help you move more! 

At the beginning of Lockdown, we wanted to create something for the Jane Plan community that would help us connect with each other, give us all an opportunity to take some gentle exercise, or movement, and give us all some peace of mind in what were very uncertain times. 
So we launched Yoga with Georgie from Jane PlanWe've loved hearing from hundreds of you on how much of a lifesaver this has been, so we've decided to continue to offer yoga to you all, and here's why.......

The benefits of yoga

Helps relieve stress and anxiety

Reduces inflammation and aches & pains

Improves heart health and reduces hypertension

Helps you sleep better

Improves flexibility, balance, and posture

Helps headaches and migraines

Strengthens and tones

Promotes healthy eating habits through mindfulness


Join Yoga with Georgie for Jane Plan

- Move More!

'Virtual' yoga for the Jane Plan community.

Perfect for beginners, (don't be put off by Georgie's pose here) as well as those who have a little more experience.

You can now sign up for live classes as well as 'On Demand' classes, available anytime. Your first class is FREE. And, we also record the live classes, so you can access them as many times as you want,  free of charge, for seven days following the live class.


Sign me up for Yoga!


Georgie, our lovely Yoga teacher!


We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a little Q & A with Georgie - the Jane Plan yoga teacher.

Meet Georgie

Tell us briefly about yourself?
Last year I left my corporate job in New York so I could go and explore the world. I've loved yoga since finding it while recovering from knee surgery, so while I was away decided to re-train as a Yoga Alliance certified (RYT 200) teacher in India. Since then I have been teaching online classes for Jane Plan. My passion is making yoga accessible to everyone, whatever your background with yoga, fitness, or age. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
My first love is the ocean, I'm a keen scuba diver and marine conservationist. During lockdown I've spent  A LOT of time watching David Attenborough

Why did you want to work with Jane Plan?
Jane is my aunt, and she asked me to offer all the lovely Jane Planners online yoga during Lockdown. I jumped at the chance and have loved it from the first session. I have never worked with such a wonderful community of people - hearing your stories and how yoga has helped you mentally and physically has been truly inspiring. I am so excited we are continuing post Lockdown!

What is your most important nutritional advice you can give?
I'm not a Nutritionist but the thing my students often hear me say is remember to hydrate (and not too much coffee!)

What is your go-to snack?
The Jane Plan nuts n seeds


Best wishes,
Jane and the Team

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