Fact or Fiction? Men lose weight more quickly than women

As it's Father's Day I wanted to write about men, (well it was either that or yet another BBQ recipe :) and one of things I am asked all the time, is why do men lose weight more quickly than women? So here are the facts....

Many people believe that when it comes to losing weight, men have an advantage. Anecdotal stories of ladies sweating and struggling to lose a pound or two, compare to tales of men cutting back on the junk, hitting the gym and watching the weight drop off.

But what's the real truth?
Men tend to have more lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories than body fat, even during rest. And when men and women cut the same number of calories, men usually do lose more weight - however recent research suggests that this is only in the earlier stages of a weight loss plan - after six months, the levels of weight loss in men compared to women, evens out.
The verdict- men do lose weight faster than women
- at least at first!

Here at Jane Plan we have lots of men achieving their health and weight loss goals - so we thought we'd use today, to celebrate their success.  


Richard's story

I’ve lost 30kg and have never been fitter or healthier!

At 120kg I used to hide from the camera but now I’m 90kg and fighting fit (planning to hit 85kg soon). All this in just a few months thanks to Jane Plan! However, weight loss is only part of the story. I have suffered from high blood-pressure and other related problems.
During my time on the Plan I saw my blood pressure drop from a peak of 164/109 (high)  to 120/81 (normal).  My resting heart rate has also dropped, from 89bpm down to 57bpm. And that's not all - my total cholesterol dropped from a peak of 6 down to 3 and triglyceride levels dropped from 9 down to less than 1.  I was about to have to go onto medication to manage it, but now I don't have to.  And better still, I am also discussing with my GP, dropping and perhaps even stopping, my blood pressure medication as well. Jane Plan has literally changed my life.

Mike's Story

I've lost 5 stone and feel normal again

When I joined Jane Plan I weighed 22 stone and 5lbs - I am now 17 stone. I started to put on weight when I gave up smoking. I'd tried to lose weight many times over the years, but nothing ever worked - until now! I now feel completely in control of my weight - I know exactly how much I can eat and the Plan has encouraged me to eat lots more fruit and veggies. My blood pressure has reduced, my aching joints have gone away and I am sleeping and breathing better than I ever have done.

Ricky's Story

I've run 4 marathons since doing Jane Plan
I was one of the very first Jane Planners - I lost my weight back in 2012 - 3 stones to be precise. I heard about Jane Plan through a friend and was sceptical at first. Like many men, I had tried every diet going, and nothing seemed to work, but Jane Plan did. I literally changed my life.


News from Jane Plan

The press are going mad for Jane Plan right now :) Readers of the Sunday Express will hopefully have enjoyed my article in today's paper about tummy fat! You may also have spotted us in The Sunday Times and The Observer.


We're proud of all our Jane Planners, whether you're 18 or 88, male or female, we're here to support you on every step of your journey.  Please get in touch and tell us your story - you could be the next Richard, Mike or Ricky, inspiring others to make changes in their lives that last forever. 


Best wishes and happy Father's Day,

Jane and the team