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Focus on Goals in Your Diet Plan, Like Your Dream Outfit!

Having a goal weight or a dream dress or suit can be such a boost to a new healthy eating routine. Stick with it... the results are on the way!

Before you pick an unrealistic weight goal, why not work out your Body Mass Index (BMI). This will tell you what your healthy weight range is. Ideally, you should aim for a target weight that gives you a BMI in the healthy weight category for your height (18.5 to 24.9). Make use of the Jane Plan calculator here, it’s easy: www.janeplan.com  


Once you’ve got that goal set out it’s time to select that winning outfit. Whether it’s an old favourite or something new that’s just a little too tight, it’s got to be something that you know will make you feel amazing. Try it on, scrutinise it carefully, and then imagine how it will look when you’re a few pounds lighter.


It’s really important to be realistic about whether you can really achieve your goal. Be kind to yourself and don’t pile on undue pressure. You might dream of being the weight you were at 25 or the day you walked up the aisle, but is this realistic? Think of the occasion when you're going to wear your chosen outfit and picture your red carpet moment – making an entrance at a party, or turning heads during a night out with friends – and hold that thought.


Every time you’re tempted to nibble on something naughty, remind yourself of your goal outfit and how amazing you’ll feel when that zipper closes with ease! You might feel a temptation to suddenly slash your eating to reach that goal - don't! A yo-yo diet won't do any favours for long-term permanent weight loss. Focus on losing the recommended 2lbs a week congratulate yourself every time you reach this.


Specific | Measurable | Accountable | Realistic | Timeframe

Focus on these five words and they will keep bringing you back to the healthy and realistic approach to permanent and sustained weight-loss. Your diet plan will be within your reach and there will be less change of impulse eating or loss of motivation.

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