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Fitness tips for new mums

Getting fit and active is a fantastic way to cope with stress, improve relaxation and help your body to recover after childbirth. Here’s how to get started...

Build slowly when it comes to exercise after having a baby. You could try pelvic floor exercises, walking or gentle stretching. When it comes to high-impact exercise, it might be best to wait until you have had your six-week postnatal check and have a chat to your GP.  Everyone is different so don’t feel pressured to do too much too fast. You might have experienced a complicated birth, caesarean or particular have questions so make sure you are clear on goals and medical information before you begin any high impact exercise.

Listen to your body 

Your lower back and core abdominal muscles will be weaker than they used to be after childbirth. Pregnancy will also mean that your ligaments and joints are also more supple and pliable so it’s very important to take extra care with twisting or stretching. There’s is a higher risk of injury so take care.

Join a postnatal exercise 

Postnatal exercise classes will often have a strong focus on improving pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the back, which is a massive benefit to your health. You’ll also get to meet other new mums and make connections and share experiences. Some classes welcome babies, so your little one will be nearby so you can exercise stress free.

Get stepping 

You’re probably moving a lot more than you think so you could run up the stairs instead of walking to burn extra calories..plus it’s free! You could also go for a brisk walk with your buggy or pram but remember to keep your back straight.

Put your back into it 

Take advantage of all that squatting to pick-up toys and changing bags and your baby and turn it to your advantage!  Squat with your knees bent and your back straight, you'll strengthen your thigh muscles and avoid damaging your back. The key thing is to hold heavy objects or your baby close to your body.

Park life  

Go to the park or your back garden and have a kick-around or energetic games with family or your older children – no doubt they will give you a run for your money and you’ll be burning calories without realising!

Become a water baby again

Thirty minutes of breaststroke will burn 367 calories so a few gentle lengths in the pool can give fabulous results for your overall fitness and weight loss!

Square eyes 

Why not catch-up with a friend and do a fitness DVD at home? Pilates, zumba, yoga or aerobics will all get your heart-rate going and you can have a good natter too!

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