Picture for TV and weight friendly snacking!

TV and weight friendly snacking!

Sofa snacking that won't ruin your diet plan!

During the World Cup, we noticed a huge number of companies advertising 'unhealthy' snacks, clearly targeted at men! There's even an advert for a fishfinger sandwich! It doesn't have to be like that, it's easy to treat yourself to healthy sofa snacks that won't sabbotage your diet plan

Everybody is tempted to snack while watching a great box set or movie, but given that there are a massive 907 calories in a large pack of Doritos, a small bar of chocolate contains around 250 calories and a Dominoes pizza has over 200 calories a slice, we thought that it was high time that we gave you some healthy snack ideas!


One rounded tbsp of tzatziki with handful of crudités - 60 calories
Cruch on crudités rather than crisps! If you are somebody who tends to eat mindlessly while watching TV, it's far better to be getting some of your '5-a-Day' while doing so.

An oatcake spread with a cheese triangle - 82 calories
If you want a bit of savoury kick, try some cheese on an oatcake and this will keep those hunger pangs at bay! Even better, try snacking on the Jane Plan cheese oatcakes, baked in the Orkneys (we love searching high and low for the very best local produce) and only 120 calories in our pack of three - delicious.Read more about our Gorgeous Menus for foodie inspiration.

A handful of strawberries plus 2 tbsp of fat free Greek yoghurt -  83 calories
Eight strawberries contain more vitamins than one whole orange. They also contain flavenoids, known to help fight cholesterol. Enjoy with a delicious yoghurt that will give you a good portion of calcium. Combining the two will help lead to a slower release of energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Two brazil nuts - 82 calories
Brazil nuts contains selenium which can boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.

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