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Get a flat tummy fast

Having a toned flat stomach is something that many of us want isn't it?

Try Jane’s foodie and diet tips to ease bloating and heaviness and give your metabolism a real boost while you’re at it. Say hello to a flatter tummy with our 10 diet plan tips! 

Set aside the salt shaker: too much salt is bad for blood pressure your heart. It also increases water retention, so it can leave you feeling bloated and weighed down.

Step away from the booze: alcohol is full of empty calories and causes tummy bloat.

Don’t skip meals: you might think that you’re helping your weight loss goals, but if you miss out on breakfast, your body registers famine and hangs on to its fat stores and this definitely doesn’t help your waistline!

The goodness of greens: veggies like kale, spinach and broccoli can help reduce bloating, reduce trapped wind and improve bowel function. 

Slow down and eat mindfully: not chewing your food properly can cause a build-up of air that leads to too much gas in the intestine. Meals should be relaxing and enjoyable. Try to sit for at least 20 minutes rather than bolting food.

Bacteria can be good: natural yoghurt contains helpful live bacteria, which can help to aid digestion and relieve bloating. Why not enjoy it with your morning Jane Plan granola or muesli?

Have a cuppa: peppermint and ginger and are great for reducing bloat. A relaxing green tea in the morning can boost metabolism or why not treat yourself to a soothing peppermint tea in the afternoon instead of coffee or tea.

Snack on pears: instead of chocolate or biscuits, snack on a pear. Pears are high in fibre, leave you full for longer and are a diuretic, fending off water retention. The great news is that this will keep your waistline slim.

Stay hydrated: replace bloating fizzy drinks and dehydrating teas and coffees with the ultimate hydrator – lovely, refreshing water.

Try fermented foods: fermented foods are real trend at the moment! The great news is that they are full of beneficial bacteria and very good for the digestive system and gut. Nice things to try are dishes like sauerkraut, ukamiso and kimchi. 

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