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Did you return from your holiday having broken a bad habit and formed a new healthy one? Or did you return feeling like you'd over - indulged and needed a refresh?

Holidays are a great way of breaking bad habits. If you were in rut before you went away this summer, you may have used your holiday to break some unhealthy habits.. Perhaps you were nibbling on chocolate and crisps at work, but on holiday ate healthy fresh food? Maybe you'd started skipping breakfast or found your portions were getting out of control, but when on holiday, you started to eat healthily again. If that sounds like you - well done, keep going, you're on the right track! But, if like many of us, you actually over indulged on holiday and now want to take back some control, and even lose some weight, then read on.... 
Keep a Food Diary
Keeping a food diary can benefit you in many ways because tracking what you eat and drink can keep you focussed on your diet, provide motivation, increase your efficacy, and help you attain and maintain your goals. 
Stay Hydrated
It is very important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as this will help to curb your appetite. You could try drinking a glass of water before a meal as this will help with offsetting the feelings of hunger. If you are finding water a little bit bland, then try adding fresh mint or a slice of lemon/lime to give it some flavour, or alternatively a herbal tea. 
Eat Breakfast
Start your day off right by eating breakfast. Making healthier choices at breakfast, means you are more likely to continue making healthier choices throughout the day. A good start will also leave you feeling energised!
Portion Control 
Portion size is very important and a key factor for weight loss. Try using a smaller sized plate and fill 50% of it with salad or vegetables. Remember you don’t always have to finish everything on your plate. Stop eating when you’re feeling full. 
Try adding in some daily exercise, even a daily 30-minute walk would help to increase the calorie deficit and encourage weight loss. Exercise gives you great benefits, if you are trying to lose weight or generally improve health it’s a good idea to invest in that Fitbit you’ve been considering, grab your trainers and start moving, you won’t regret it!
If you overindulge or go off track, don’t be too hard on yourself. One mistake isn’t going to ruin all of your hard work. Just remember your goals and start again tomorrow. AND, if this all sounds like very hard work, give Jane Plan a go - we're here to do it all for you!

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