Getting through lockdown

As we begin another national lockdown it’s really important to keep on top of our health, both physical and mental. We’ve spoken to lots of our lovely customers this week and just like us, anxiety and stress seems to be weighing heavily on everyone’s minds.

Keeping on top of good eating habits is difficult in times of emotional stress. It leads us to wonder if you, like us, find that the boredom has you reaching for extra snacks and indulgent meals to keep you occupied? 
Did you leave the first lockdown feeling that little bit heavier?
If so, let’s change that this time around. With the Christmas period quickly approaching us and along with it the delicious festive treats, we have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the game.
Take advantage of the next few weeks to create some healthy habits, lose some weight and feel the benefits. You’ll have more energy, boost your mood and will emerge from lockdown with a positive experience.
We'd love to hear what you're planning to do differently this lockdown, and to get you started, we’ve got some great suggestions, which our team will be trying;
Try a new hobby: a spot of gentle DIY,  candle making, or even try knitting a hat for a loved one. keeping yourself busy will help you stay away from snacking!
Experiment with your fruit and veg: we have lots of great ideas in our Jane Plan Guide or if you’re stuck for inspiration, email our team and we will send you over our favourites to add in with meals.

Take more time outside and enjoy the wonderful colours of Autumn. Nature has a great effect on our moods and mental health and walking is the easiest of exercises. 

Join Jane Plan Yoga: the breathing, meditation and poses in yoga are designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

You can join one of our live Zoom classes for free.

Yoga with Georgie is perfect for beginners as well as the more advanced.

Don't forget your first class is FREE!

Join a group of like minded people for some 'me time' this week. Find out more here.




As we start another lockdown, it's quite clear the next few weeks will be a very different run up to Christmas. It's an unsettling situation, but whatever upheavals and problems this creates, we will be here for you. We are open and fully functioning, our deliciously healthy meals are being made every day and we are delivering all over the UK, without any delays. As more people turn to online shopping, it's reasonable to to expect that couriers will become increasingly busy. To help mitigate this, we are delivering 7 days a week and of course our lovely Nutrition team are also available 7 days a week - to help and support you in what we know is a difficult time for so many.


We're always looking to improve what we do and we'd love some feedback on how well you feel supported by us - whether you receive email or telephone support, we'd like to hear how we're doing. Perhaps there are other ways you'd like to hear from our Nutrition team - via Zoom, via an app (where you can talk to not only your Nutritionist but to each other as well,) via our private Facebook group, via text? Whatever your thoughts please feel free to click HERE and tell us what you think.


Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch...

Jane and the team xxxxx