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Top Seven Healthy Snack Ideas

Seven simple ways to make sure you're including the right healthy snacks in your diet plan.

Snacking - Are you guilty of this habit? If we are honest the majority of us do at some point of the day. Is there anything wrong with snacking? Well that depends on what you snack on and why. Are you snacking because you’re actually hungry or because you’re bored out of your mind watching the latest episode of Eastenders?

Follow our healthy snack ideas to make sure that you are snacking on the right food for the right reasons: 

Avoid sugar

Wondering how to beat sugar cravings? Sugar makes the body crave more. This is because the hormone Leptin, nicknamed the “satiety hormone”, that tells our brain to stop eating isn’t affected by sugar. If you can’t live without some sweetness in your life, choose fruits like raspberries and strawberries. That way you’ll avoid the nasty extras found in processed foods and get the beneficial vitamins and minerals your body requires.

Make your own snacks

By making your own healthy snacks you know exactly what’s in them and you can avoid the artificial sweeteners & preservatives found in shop bought snacks. Try making your own popcorn with smoked paprika, only 2 ingredients and so tasty!

Munch mindfully

The most common reason for bad snacking habits is that we eat without thinking about it, and before we realise it we have made our way through the entire bag of almonds. Snack without distractions and don’t forget to chew your food, you’ll find you feel fuller quicker and more than likely eat a lot less.

Plan ahead                      

Prepare your snacks for the week ahead, by doing this you will have already made a conscious decision to snack healthily. Make sure they are portioned to one serving and stick to that.

Quench your thirst

Often its thirst that makes us think we’re hungry. So remember to drink plenty of water to avoid overeating.

Don’t skip meals

Make time for breakfast otherwise you’re more likely to nibble on more snacks throughout the day, choosing snacks when you’re hungry usually ends up in making the wrong decision.

Don’t feed your emotions

Hunger can sometimes be the last reason we reach for a snack. Are you an emotional eater or a stressed snacker? We are hard-wired to eat for emotional reasons, whether it’s surviving a stressful day in the office with a bowl of choc ice-cream or reaching for the galaxy bar to cope with Adele’s latest heartbreaker release. Recognise why you are reaching for it and rethink.

Struggling to cut down on your snacking? Our Monthly Diet Plans include calorie and portion controlled snacks, as part of our custom Plans.

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