Picture for Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

Snacking doesn't have to be a no-no when on a diet plan!

In fact, as part of your Jane Plan diet we recommend eating two snacks a day- mid-morning and mid-afternoon. With the Jane Plan Diet Book being released this week, we thought we would give you a little sneak peak…

As I know only too well, the problem with snacking is that it's very hard not to snack 'too much', so here are some super-convenient, portion and calorie-controlled snacks for you to try out.


Combine 9 almonds with a handful of raspberries

High – protein almonds are ideal for sating the appetite in a healthy way. Rich in monounsaturated fats, they are also a rich source of vitamin E. By munching on almonds, you can top up on manganese which helps regulate blood sugar levels, however, almonds are high in calories,  so combine with a handful raspberries at only 22 calories, for a calorie controlled healthy Skinny Snack.



Wrap a slice of smoked salmon around an asparagus spear

Smoked salmon is rich in omega – 3 fats that contribute to healthy brain function, the heart, joints and general well-being. You don’t need to eat it with bread or even blinis. Instead wrap it round an asparagus spear and combine the benefits of your oily fish with a vegetable that’s rich in soluble fibre, known to have an effect on degenerative heart disease. Even better, asparagus is a rich source of rutin, which together with Vitamin C can help energise and protect the body from infection. This Mini Mouthful is the perfect way to combat early evening munchies.


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