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How To Be a Wellness Warrior

Keeping your health and wellness in check can feel like a full-time job, our bodies are high maintenance!

We’ve brainstormed some small steps you can incorporate into your daily routine to make you feel a little more in control of your health, helping you turn into the wellness warrior we all wish to be.

Avoiding screens when you are in bed.

We are all aware how important sleep is to our wellbeing, usually the problem of sleep deprivation isn’t for lack of trying. We would advise you if turn your bed a sanctuary, free from screens (phone, laptop, tablet – the works) and for the sole purpose of sleep. This would mean avoiding screens right before you go to sleep and just as you wake up – those emails can wait until breakfast.

Drink a glass of lemon water before anything else.

We are massive advocates for flavoured water here at Jane Plan. Boring and sour as it may sound, adding the juice of half a squeezed lemon into a 500ml glass of water has proved to have many benefits including improved digestion and skin appearance. Lemons are low in calorie and high in flavour, it gives you a natural, hydrating, vitamin-C kick that can help start your day well.

Make little changes to help you move more.

The smallest changes to your daily routine can see you moving just a little bit more. Perhaps if you take the tube to work, get off a stop early and walk the extra distance. If you usually drive, park a few streets further than you normally would. Perhaps you start your morning with a stretch. Whatever alteration it maybe you have made the conscious effort to do something for your body, making your wellness more of a mission than a chore.

Wear sun scream every day.

When we say every day, we mean every day. Even if the sky looks as though the apocalypse is eminent, UV rays are constantly emitted from the sun. Sun damage is irreversible and can cause to health complications later in life. Remembering to put on sun cream every day can feel like you’re saying thank you to your skin and giving yourself a little TLC.

Don’t be afraid of your Doctor.

With the accessibility of the internet it is easy to think all your health queries can be answered by a quick google. Finding the time to go to the doctors for check ups can be challenging but the advice of a professional is parallel to none. Allow them to look after you, your health is worth it!

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