Picture for Banish pesky diet cravings with these top 10 tips

Banish pesky diet cravings with these top 10 tips

Some of the best advice on getting the most our of your diet plan comes from guess where?...From you Jane Planners!

Sometimes we can have great weight loss week and then others are downright awful! We plateau or we slip-up and put on a few pounds. The thing to remember is that we all stumble and make mistakes. We had a chat to some of our star clients to pick their brains about their clever routines and tricks that work for them when they're feeling a bit wobbly.

Happy snack-busting reading....


To reduce sugar cravings, Lorraine adds a little cinnamon to her cereal in the morning. It tastes great and really helps you to stop needing a sugar hit.

Looking to make the most of you daily calorie intake? Claire adds lovely seasonal vegetables like broccoli, leeks, French beans and courgettes to bulk up her meals.

Are you about to reach for the chocolate biscuits or pour a glass of wine? Don't, says Jamie! Go outside and get active. She goes for date walks with her husband and combines quality time and exercise. 

Sweat the small stuff and take the stairs, not the escalator, says John.

Support is key says Gillian. She calls her sister who is also on a diet when she’s having a challenging day. It’s definitely easier having a partner in crime to vent to!

Don't be a couch potato - Jill tells us that she walks around her house during TV commercial breaks.

Saffire has shown great determination on her Plan and has bought a pedometer. She's building up to achieve the magic 10,000 steps a day. 

Want to spice up a side salad and give it a bit of colour? Add lettuce, blueberries, pomegranate seeds and spinach, says Lisa. You might not have known this but pomegranate not only tastes lovely, it possesses anti-inflammatory phytochemicals.

It may seem like the hardest thing to do when you’re toasty and warm, but Teresa parks at least 10-minutes from her front door.

Don’t feel left out when cooking for your family. If Lisa is making a roast dinner for her family, she will chose a chicken based Jane Plan meal too!

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