How to combat the challenges of lockdown!

Lockdown is a challenge for us all - we feel we should be taking up a new hobby, leaping out of bed for a vigorous 'virtual' work out, or constantly zooming our friends telling them how much fun we're having - but the reality is we're mainly feeling lethargic and fatigued, even though we haven't mov

But it doesn't stop there. Maybe you've had moments of unexpected tearfulness or bewildering rage, just because someone has left a dirty cup by the sink (instead of putting it in the dishwasher.) Or perhaps you're feeling like you can't 'be bovvered' about the things you used to care about so deeply. If this sounds familiar, I hope my tips below will help you navigate some of the pressures of lockdown.

Snack attacks during lockdown - Dr. Sarah Jarvis.
Many of us will know Dr. Sarah Jarvis from her daily TV appearances, giving sensible and accessible advice on the Coronavirus.  Not only is she on TV every day, but she is also our Medical Advisor and a practicing GP with a particular interest in maintaining a healthy weight. Something of a challenge right now. If like me, you're eating your body weight every day in snacks during lockdown, then check out what Dr. Sarah Jarvis has to say

Dr Sarah Jarvis: Helpful reminder of how to combat the snack attack

Making friends
 Take yourself away from mindless social media lockdown scrolling and join the Jane Plan Trailblazers Facebook Group instead. Chatting to like-minded people about your daily challenges can really help with lockdown cabin fever, We share hints and tips on everything from recipes, snacking, highs and lows of lockdown and a whole host of other things. 

If you haven't yet joined, click here and get involved. The more the merrier!
(P.S. the photo below is before the crisis)

Relaxing your mind and energizing your body

Yoga with Georgie
Georgie is now running twice-weekly FREE 'virtual' yoga for the Jane Plan community.
 Yoga is a great way to release tension and relax both mind and body. All you need is a small amount of space. The great thing about very gentle yoga is that you can do it whatever your age or fitness level. Sign up below and relieve the stress of lockdown in an hour of 'me time'.

The next sessions are:
Wednesday 22 April at 6pm - click here to register for your free class
Saturday 25 April at 9am - click here to register for your free class
The password is 'janeplan'.

Cardio with Claire 
Claire and her team at Transition Zone are offering a FREE cardio class to all Jane Planners. Her fat burning workouts will help you de-stress and re-energise - feel that burn and get your heart pumping!
Your 45 minutes with Claire will really help you burn calories and combat stress. 
To find  out more, click

 The new Jane Plan Care Package has had an overwhelming response.
The Jane Plan Care Package is a special box for people who need our meals delivered to their door (not because they wish to lose weight, but because they are either isolating or simply avoiding the supermarkets). We are still not advertising this service, but we're blown away by how many people we've helped during this time. Deliveries are STILL running on time, so why wait for your supermarket delivery slot when you could have nutritious meals delivered in a matter of days.  People are ordering for themselves, for friends, family and neighbours. So please do spread the word - we want to help as many of you, and your loved ones, as we can. 
If you would like some Jane Plan meals in your pantry, please get in touch on 0203 489 4770 or click on the link below. You can also order on behalf of your friends and family.

Jane Plan Care Package


And to finish -  a little something that made me laugh today.

Best wishes
Jane and the team xx