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How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

Is your sugar addiction getting in the way of your diet success? We've put together some great tips to help you cut it out of your diet for good!

Do you struggle to give up your daily 4pm galaxy treat with your tea? Do you convince yourself you “deserve” it after a stressful day? Maybe you suffer with headaches if you go a whole day without your sugar fix?

If you can relate to any of these statements it is probably time to get to grips with your sugar consumption. Going sugar free could really help you achieve your weight loss goals so perhaps it’s time kick the sugar habit for good.  With the sugar tax looming maybe now is a good time to take control of your habit and save yourself some money in the same instance.

Follow these 10 tips to cut sugar out of your diet.

1.      Out of sight out of mind. Sounds too simple to work but it does. If you don’t have it in the house you can’t eat it. So clear out the cookie jar and stop buying sugary supplies.

2.      Get prepared. Make a food plan and prep for your day. If you start your sugar free diet in the morning and find you have nothing with you for lunch you may find your only option is going hungry or the office birthday cake? We all know how that story ends.

3.      Get your sugar hit from fruits. Going cold turkey isn’t for everyone so easing yourself into sugar-free habits with fruits like berries; they are sweet to taste but not high in sugar. Fruit also contains lots of vitamins and minerals we need in our diet, added bonus!

4.      Set yourself goals. Having goals keeps us on track and focused on what we want to achieve.

5.      Swap your sugary treat for dark chocolate. If the thought of never eating chocolate again stops you dead in your tracks swap your sugary version for Dark chocolate. The high cocoa content is a much healthier option and you need a lot less to cure the craving. Studies show that it may improve your heart health and lower blood pressure.

6.      Give yourself time. Creating new habits will take time. Be patient with yourself.  If you fall off the wagon brush yourself off and get straight back on it. We all stumble; the important thing is that you don’t give up. You only fail when you stop trying!

7.       Cash in. Start a sugar money bank.  Lodge those £1 coins you'll save from not stopping off at the petrol station for a daily galaxy bar into a piggy bank. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can afford that handbag you’ve had your eye on!

8.      Increase your protein at mealtimes! Protein is highly satiating, more so than any other macronutrient so if you are feeling satisfied after your meal you’re less likely to reach for a sweet treat.

9.      Get label savvy! The food industry seems to add the white stuff into everything from bread to tomato ketchup, so if you want to go sugar free starting reading labels.

10.  Find a success buddy. To increase your chances of kicking sugar for good get a success bud, someone who will keep you accountable and you can return the favour. It is always a lot easier when you have the support of a good friend with the same goal.


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