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How to Manage your New Year Resolutions

Are you struggling to keep your goals in mind? Have January blues already set in?

1.       Have specific goals

-  Be specific

-   Don’t just say you want to ‘lose weight’ or ‘be healthy’

-  Ask yourself HOW exactly you want to be healthy?

-  WHEN and WHY you want to lose weight?

2.       Share your goals with friends & family

- This will make your goal more real

-  You will feel accountable to not only yourself, but your loved ones


3.       Get a partner

- If you find a friend or family member wit a similar goal this can be half the battle

-You will keep each other motivated and on track

4.       Be patient

- Remember if you are making a lifestyle change it takes time

- You may find your progress slow, but this may make it more sustainable

- Lasting changes will take time

5.       Get up when you slip up

- Stay positive

- Acknowledge your mistakes & learn from them

6.       Schedule

- Make your new goals a priority

- Schedule them into your calendar

- Find the time to fulfil your resolutions

7.       Measure your progress!

- Identify what makes you thrive and was doesn’t

- Then adjust your efforts accordingly 

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