Picture for Is staying inside driving you insane?

Is staying inside driving you insane?

Unless you're lucky enough to be isolating in a large house with plenty of outside space (I'm not btw), before long, the idiosyncrasies of our nearest and dearest will probably start to grate.

So, I've put together some tips for staying sane!
I'm not a great yogi, but I have been doing some 'virtual' yoga classes run by my niece, Georgie, who is a qualified yoga teacher. Yoga is a great way to release tension and relax both mind and body. All you need is a small amount of space. If you can, try lighting a candle and shutting out the children (and the dog) and maybe even the husband! The great thing about very gentle yoga is that you can do it whatever your age or fitness level. 

Georgie is now running 'virtual' yoga for the Jane Plan community. If you'd like to find out more click here for details.
When the Corona Virus crisis started I was slightly obsessed with social media, but I now find it too much. But I do like staying connected with others. For me, I get the greatest pleasure when I read the posts in Jane Plan Trailblazers Facebook Group.  This is a private group of like-minded Jane Planners who openly chat about their daily challenges, successes, highs, lows and fun times too. They share hints and tips on everything from recipes, Jane Plan dishes and a whole host of other things. They are an amazing and inspiring group.

If you haven't yet joined, 
click here and get involved. The more the merrier!
(P.S. the photo below is before the crisis)
Not all of us are in a position to help others right now, but if you are, this is a great time to get involved in the community. I have found that running errands for neighbours has really boosted my mood. This week, my youngest son and I took hundreds of Jane Plan meals to the London Ambulance Service. These hardworking drivers and paramedics reached out and asked for meals that they could eat during their long shifts, and we were so happy we could help. We'll be doing weekly donations now to keep them going.
The new Jane Plan Care Package  is another way you can help!
The Jane Plan Care Package is a special box for people who need our meals delivered to their door (not because they wish to lose weight, but because they are isolating). We are still not advertising this service, but we have had an overwhelming response through word of mouth - and good news - deliveries are STILL running on time. People are ordering for themselves, for friends, family and neighbours. So please do spread the word - we want to help as many of you, and your loved ones, as we can. 

If you have a loved one who would like some Jane Plan meals in their pantry, please tell them to get in touch on 0203 489 4770 or click on the link below. You can also order on their behalf.

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