It's never too late

“I’ll start eating healthy next week” - everyone. Why do we always seem to start a new habit at the start of the day, week or month? We seem to be hard wired to think that making a positive change should start at a specific time for us to be successful.


Here’s the good news for you; there is never a ‘perfect’ time to start eating more healthily. Success is achievable not matter what time of day, week or month you start.

If you haven’t quite found your motivation to get started with a healthier way of eating, I assure you it’s not too late to do so. Although January is the month of new resolutions and habits, I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve been facing some particularly difficult barriers this year!  
Our team of nutritionists have worked together to share their top tips to boost motivation in case you’re struggling. 
Find your reason why – read more about the power of understanding why you want to make a change here.
Speak to friends and family. Loved ones can help to share positive reinforcement, supporting you throughout your journey

Start now! Your motivation will be at it's highest when you're contemplating a change, so why not do it

If a big shift in your lifestyle seems unattainable, just make some small, easy changes to start with and see how you get on. These are often much easier to keep up!

Chat to a member of our team. All of our nutritionists are just a 
phone call away, so give us a call and chat to use about the best way to improve your eating habits with a plan from us.
Workout on Zoom this week 
Why not try FREE Zoom yoga with Georgie?
Anyone can join - you don't need to be on Jane Plan! 
If your healthy January hasn't yet started (and with so much happening right now, who can blame you?) try our online yoga classes. They are perfect for beginners - as well as the more advanced.
Yoga can help with mental health, and with our live classes, it's also a great way to stay connected to others. Book your first class for FREE, find out more here.
News from Jane Plan
We have very exciting news this week - a new team member, Georgie (not the Georgie who teaches us yoga - a different Georgie), is joining us tomorrow. She has a Masters in Nutrition, so really knows her legumes from her lettuce, and is joining our Nutrition and Wellbeing team to support you on your journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle.
This is our sixth hire in lockdown - we're getting very used to training by Zoom;) and we are thrilled our little team is expanding so fast. Thank you so much for all your support, kindness and loyalty, you are a very valuable part of our journey and I can't express my gratitude enough. We're growing up fast - from a small business in south west London to one that has now sold over 20 million meals, and has over 75,000 happy clients. THANK YOU! 
If you fancy a chat with our team, we're on hand 7 days a week. And of course there's the fabulous Jane Plan private Facebook community - Trailblazers - it's a great place to visit and talk to like minded Jane Planners about your challenges, celebrate your successes and generally have a natter.
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch...
Jane and the team xxxxx