Picture for Jane Plan in the Press!

Jane Plan in the Press!

We're excited to see so many Jane Planners in the press. Their amazing stories have been featured in a whole host of newspapers and glossy magazines, including Vogue, Women's Health, Prima and Woman & Home, as well as newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Just in case you missed them,

 Fantastic Lianne featured in Prima Magazine
Prima held a glossy fashion photoshoot and invited Lianne along to celebrate her transformation.  As well as being photographed by a celebrity photographer, she enjoyed a day of pampering - hair, make-up - the works! And she has some amazing photos to remember the day - we're loving the pink dress!  Lianne has not only lost weight with Jane Plan,  she has also changed her life for good. Lianne now works out several times a week and has never been fitter or healthier.
Lianne says 'As a new mum, I was leaning to convenience foods to fit around my son's routine and I needed to make a change. Jane Plan was perfect for me as the meals were ready to go, portioned correctly and it encouraged me to make healthier choices. I have been tracking my weight loss on Instagram @loserlianne, so I can share my journey!' 

Fabulous Paula featured in Woman's Weekly!

Paula did Jane Plan four years ago and she has maintained her 3 stone weight loss throughout.  We love the fact that Paula literally changed her life with Jane Plan - she's a keen runner now. She still does Jane Plan on the odd occasion to keep her weight in check and uses the Plan as part of her long - term healthy lifestyle. Well done Paula - we love staying in touch and hearing your news.
Paula says 'I had a difficult time with emotional eating, which caused me to gain weight. After trying lots of diets with no success, I had no self-esteem and a negative relationship with food. Since starting the Plan I haven’t looked back! I've lost over 3 stone and reached my goal weight. I'm now motivated, positive and feeling confident.' 

Amazing Jo featured in The Telegraph!

Jo lost 2 stone 7 lbs with Jane Plan last year. She has continued her healthy lifestyle ever since and has maintained her healthy weight. She's even taken up yoga now. Paula says her hair and skin are better since losing weight and she no longer has aches and pains in her hips and knees - going for a walk is now a pleasure. One of Jo's biggest issues was snacking, which is why The Telegraph wanted to interview her for their article on the harmful effects of too much snacking. 
Jo says 'I was turning to comfort eating during a stressful family situation, before long the weight crept up. After seeing Jane Plan on TV, I thought to give it a go! After losing 2 stone 7 lbs, I now feel fantastic and full of energy! Read more here

Incredible Susie featured in Best!

Susie lost over 5 stone weight 4 years ago with Jane Plan - like most Jane Planners - she has kept it off. In fact, Susie's story is so impressive she's previously been featured in the Daily Mail and Woman & Home.  Jane Plan is all about making long term lifestyle changes that last, and Susie is such a great example of this.
Susie says 'After my son got engaged I knew I needed to make a change. Jane Plan encouraged portion control, with real food and real people for support, so it was easy to stay on track. I now love shopping for clothes, I feel fabulous and I have confidence!'

The national press doesn't only come to us to interview people about their personal experiences of weight loss, they also come to us because we are known to be leading experts in our field. We were recently featured in The Express for our tops tips when trying to lose weight. Read more here.

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