Picture for Jane Plan Team during Lockdown!

Jane Plan Team during Lockdown!

As you read this, most of us are at home - 24/7 - juggling work, family life, older parents, food confusion, and exercise limitations. The lines between 'at home' and 'at work' have become confused and blurred.

Indeed have so many things in life and many of us are feeling anxious and 'out od control', especially when it comes to food. Yesterday, Jenny Murray on Woman's Hour mentioned that many of her friends have expressed concern about how much weight they are gaining in this new world - she even asked 'is carb on carb' allowed in lockdown? That's how we're all feeling! Whilst Nigella Lawson has stated that she's feeling so anxious she's eating at least one chocolate bar a day.
With leading ladies such as these confessing how lockdown anxiety is manifesting itself in their lives, it's no surprise that ordinary folk, like you and me, are also struggling, especially when it comes to eating habits!  So this week, I have got together with the Jane Plan Nutrition team to tell you how we're managing in lockdown.

I, have been busy in my garden, planting, weeding, pruning, digging, and even painting! Being outside keeps me calm and also helps me take a little bit of extra exercise. In fact, last weekend I did 28000 steps whilst gardening (and I have a really small patio garden) - but even better, gardening keeps me out of the kitchen. I find if I try and tackle lockdown stress with baking, I eat it all - so for me, gardening is a far better antidote! 

Pippa, finds it easiest to relax and calm herself in the kitchen - she hasn't resorted to baking and snacking, however. Instead, she's focusing on making up healthy new recipes from the ingredients she has in her fridge. 

Here's her favourite delicious side dish suggestion:

Simply add 1-2 handfuls of broccoli florets, 2 cloves of minced garlic, and chili flakes to a pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Saute until broccoli is softened. Add a handful of roasted pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon juice to serve. Delicious!


Ali, has been running! Before lockdown, she was preparing for a half marathon - unfortunately, that's not happening now, but it hasn't stopped Ali getting out there and running every day.  Ali also finds running a great way of calming her mind and allowing her time to think and process - for her, it's a form of mindfulness. If runnings not for you - try walking outside, it will have the same effect.

Heather has been keeping busy, (and away from the snack cupboard), by painting her bedroom. Heather has found that her bedroom is a sanctuary away from her lovely, but busy household, and the soothing effect of moving her paintbrush (and sometimes roller) up and down her walls, means she's taking a little extra exercise, doing something creative and keeping calm.

Natasha and her mum, have been enjoying yoga classes with Georgie and the Jane Plan community. Tash has always been a regular gym-goer, but now she can't go out to the gym, she's enjoyed having the Jane Plan classes Zoomed into her living room. (It's also helped her keep away from her favorite snack - Haribos!).

Stay calm, stop snacking and stay in touch

Best wishes,
Jane and the team

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