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Jane Planner of the Month

We are so excited to introduce March's Jane Planner of the month - Hector Cerdeno. Hector is a busy man - he's not only a Graphic Designer and dad to 3 boys, he's also a member of the little people community which means his weight loss challenge has been even greater than most. Hector has been with

'I am 4ft 1in tall, so as you can imagine, maintaining a healthy weight has been a challenge. The success I have achieved on Jane Plan has been life-changing.'  

Here's what Hector has to say.....

"Like many people, it wasn’t just one thing that made me want to lose weight – it was a range of things. My joints ached, my mobility was affected, and as a small person I was already conscious of how I looked, but carrying extra weight made me even more conscious – I couldn’t get any clothes to fit. But the real light bulb moment came when I had to have a knee operation and my doctor was concerned about the anesthetic – carrying so much extra weight meant there was a greater risk during the operation, and, there was also concern that my knee joint wouldn’t be able to withstand my extra weight. I knew then that I needed to do something.
No other weight loss plan would have worked for me, because as a little person, I can’t eat as many calories as people of average height – and Jane Plan was able to facilitate this. I started the Plan at 71kg and the biggest concern was my height to weight ratio – I was tipping into the morbidly obese scale, and I knew there may be serious health implications if I didn’t make a change. I am now 49kg!
initially started the Plan with my wife, but she stopped her Plan when we received the incredible news that she was pregnant with our third child!! This was an even bigger motivator for me as not only did I want to be healthy for myself, but I also wanted to be the best version of me for my three boys. I wanted to be able to play with them in the garden, carry them up to bed and muck around with them, like any other healthy father. This was a huge motivator for me.

Since starting the Plan, losing weight has had a huge impact. I feel so much more energetic and my joints, which used to be painful due to my arthritis, aren't in so much pain. To be honest, if I hadn't lost the weight I'm not sure I would have been able to manage my arthritis now. Joint pain used to really hold me back, but now, as a result of losing weight, I try to swim once a week to keep as active as possible. I also feel so much younger and I am enjoying going shopping and finding things that fit me even though I am small. And of course, I love playing with my boys!

My favourite thing about the Plan is that I eat what I'm given and just add some vegetables or salad. I work as a Graphic Designer and spend 40+ hours sitting a week. Jane Plan has fitted into my lifestyle so easily and I've enjoyed the treats too - I take my snack with me to work. I struggle when it's cold though as all I want is hot chocolate!!

Inspired by my success, my mum has also joined the Plan, which is great as it means that I can eat from her menu when I go to see her! I am aiming to go down another 10kg, but I have seen a pause in my weight loss since the colder weather started, but Jane Plan has explained to me how to get back on board and going forward I am now planning to be on the Plan long term as part of my healthier lifestyle.

I am also part of the committee of the Little People UK charity where we help others like me with day to day things. I feel like my situation can be relevant, not only to small people, but to disabled and average height people as well."

Well done Hector! What a huge lifestyle change you have achieved. We wanted to share Hector's story with you as it shows that you can make positive life changes, no matter what challenges you face, and we hope that you find it inspiring.

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