Picture for Making the most of a locked down January

Making the most of a locked down January

We usually take January to lie low, establish better habits and 'detox' ourselves after an indulgent December. Now that we must stay at home, this usually cathartic and self induced hibernation doesn't feel quite the same as previous years gone by.

If you, like us, need another way to get through the slog that is January, we've got you covered. 

These are all things you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home this month. We hope that they will bring a little joy and help put a smile back on your face, if not a half smile at least.

A happy puzzle - the happy puzzle company can create a jigsaw centered around any postcode you like. Be warned, these are surprising difficult but on the plus side they'll keep you occupied. These are also a lovely gift for someone who is shielding at the moment, or treat yourself, perfect on a cold January Sunday!

BBC's Pooch Perfect - get your weekly cuteness quota and tune in to watch 16 professional groomers compete against each other to be titled top groomer. On BBC One every Thursday at 8pm, it's not to be missed.

Headspace - take yourself away for half an hour or so and try out some of the calming exercises available on this app. These are geared around mindfulness to help elevate anxiety and stress. 

The White Tiger - if you've already watched Bridgerton (not to be missed) and are looking for something else to engross you, The White Tiger is  set to launch with Netflix on the 22nd January. This film is an adaptation of the novel and follows a boy from Deli who is on the run for murder. Sounds gripping.

Watch the Northern Lights - click here and head over to Explore's live cam to catch the beautiful wonder that is the Northern Lights. The best time to watch is after 10pm so if you're a night own or having difficulty sleeping then this is one for you.

Take a Yoga class - not forgetting our Zoom yoga with Georgie, this is a perfect way to start or finish your day. Yoga is great for mental health, which is more important than ever that the moment. 

Why not try FREE Zoom yoga with Georgie
Anyone can join - you don't need to be on Jane Plan! 
It can be difficult to know where to start when embarking on a new exercise regime, which is why we are offering free online yoga classes to help get you started. They are perfect for beginners - as well as the more advanced.
Yoga can help with mental health, and with our live classes, it's also a great way to stay connected to others!

Exciting new meal alert!

You asked, we listened and we have now launched two new beautifully balanced breakfasts. Check out our brand new high protein muesli, packed with protein and deliciousness. And, we've also launched a low sugar muesli, the perfect way to launch your day. To find out more, or to chat generally about the best way to start your day, our wonderful team of fully qualified Nutritionists are on hand! call us on 0203 489 4770 or email hello@janeplan.com. 

Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch....
and the team xxxxx

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