Picture for Top tips from successful Jane Planner Elizabeth

Top tips from successful Jane Planner Elizabeth

Elizabeth shares her advice on losing weight as a diabetic

Elizabeth joined Jane Plan last year, and managed to lose two stone over her 4 month Plan. Most importantly, she has kept the weight off!

It all started with a photo...

After seeing an unflattering photograph of myself I thought ‘that’s it, I am making the change!’. I developed diabetes during my third pregnancy, which I was able to control through my diet – and as a community nurse, losing weight was all about health. Jane Plan seemed like a good option, as it is well equipped to create diets for diabetics.

As I started to lose weight, my confidence started to grow. One of my highlights was when one of my patients started to notice the difference in her! As a community nurse, I feel it is important to set a good example for colleagues and patients, and encourage people to be conscious of their weight.

Jane Plan was perfect for my busy lifestyle

Not only was the diet plan brilliant on the go,it was so easy to grab a Jane Plan salad on the way to work to eat between seeing patients. It has also taught me the portions and the right foods to eat. I am happy munching on crudité as a snack and I no longer crave carbs or fatty foods – plus, it even got me to enjoy porridge, something I had never liked before!

Elizabeth's top tip?

My tips to Jane planners would be to stick with it! You will feel hungry at first, you can expect that – but that will soon pass. Finding snacks that you like is a big help -  once you find something you enjoy, keep eating it! And take advantage of the support offered - a weekly phone call is a great way to keep you on track!

Helping to fight diabetes is an issue which is close to Elizabeth’s heart, as her son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For this reason, when Elizabeth was offered a gift of £100 to appear in an upcoming issue of Take-a-Break, she chose instead to donate her earnings to Diabeteens, a small non-profit organisation which aims to promote the awareness of teenagers with diabetes.

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