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Top tips from successful Jane Planner Ellen

Ellen's advice on how to stick with your diet as a student!


Ellen is a 21 year old student, currently studying Physics at university. Like all students, Ellen has a busy and active lifestyle, with lots of hard work but also a busy social life. She's also vegetarian and really cares about the  quality of the food she eats. Following a knee injury, Ellen found herself steadily gaining weight.  As a student she found it very hard to lose the weight - especially with all the midnight snacks and nights out.

However, since joining Jane Plan, Ellen has lost those excess pounds and says she has regained a feeling of control over her weight, health and happiness! PLUS her new healthy lifestyle even encouraged her to quit smoking!

Here is what Ellen had to say about her weight loss journey...


I am 21 years old, and am currently studying physics at the University of Sussex. Since moving to Brighton I have become a great lover of cycling and walking in the beautiful parks and downs of Sussex. 

I made the decision to lose weight when I was starting university; I wanted to be able to feel confident about myself whilst meeting new people. 

I had previously been putting on weight slowly but steadily following a knee injury, which left me unable to run and only capable of light exercise and cycling. Once I was already overweight I felt as though I had no control over my weight and body, so I stopped caring and paying attention to my diet and the pounds piled on. 

Trying to lose weight whilst being a student can be very difficult. With all the nights out, takeaways and midnight snacks going on around you, which can be hard to resist. 

I had considered other diets and tried eating more healthily by myself, but being a vegetarian I found that I needed a diet with enough variety and food which would give me enough energy to keep me sustained throughout the day. 

Jane Plan helped to change my mentality about my eating habits

Jane plan was great as the food was not only delicious but there was also a huge selection of meals (both vegetarian and meat). The veggie dishes were full of protein (beans, pulses etc) and kept me going. 

Another fantastic thing about Jane Plan was that Jane and the team really helped me to completely change my mentality about healthy eating and portion control. With this new attitude to food I feel like I have made a permanent positive change to my lifestyle and health.

Since starting Jane Plan I have regained the feeling of control over my weight, health and happiness. The positive mind-set I acquired also encouraged me to quit smoking!

Ellen's top tip?

My tip for any other Jane Planners would be to take it seriously - otherwise you’re only kidding yourself!

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