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Mindful munching

Tune into your food and avoid ‘unconscious eating’.

The problem with unconscious eating is that we forget or overlook what we’ve eaten and therefore don’t count the calories.

Try the following strategies to prevent this from happening and to help you become more mindful of what you’re consuming:

  • Designate one room in your home where you eat and only eat in this room
  • No more TV dinners (research suggests that people who eat in front of theTV eat more)
  • Never eat popcorn at the cinema
  • Don’t keep snacks or sweets in the car
  • Don’t keep food in your desk drawer
  • Clear away the children’s leftovers before you have a chance to eat them, or spray them with detergent
  • Don’t eat standing up or while walking in the street
  • Sit down and take time over your food (paying attention to what you eat will help you enjoy what you eat as well as lose weight)

Chew gum and/or brush your teeth frequently throughout the day

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