Move more in lockdown to stay healthy

Want to move more but dreading stepping outside into the cold? You’re not alone. With the local gyms currently closed we've come up with our essential guide to moving more in winter lockdown, to help your body and mind feel better, and of course to boost your immunity.

The cosy corners of the sofa appear so perfect and tempting in comparison to a wet or chilly outdoor workout, so it's no surprise that we are all finding it hard to motivate ourselves to exercise during the winter months. 
To help, we've put together some inspiration to help you stay active during this period. Some great indoor options and some simple outdoor ones which we hope you'll enjoy...or at least grow to!
Joe Wicks Online Workouts
Joe shot to fame during the first lockdown with his no-frills workouts from home. He has a fantastic You Tube channel where you can choose from a wide selection of workouts for any level. The chair workout is great for anyone who has limited mobility or you can go for an intense 8 minute Tabata. The perfect workout from the comfort of your own home.
Walk your way to health
Make walking part of your daily routine, it's one of the best ways to stay well. And in  lockdown, you can do it with one other friend, so it's the perfect way to socialise too (remember to keep the 2 metre distance rule if you're going with a friend). If you fancy a long, steady walk to increase your steps, a you can pump up the intensity by packing up a backpack. Add in a couple of items (and your coat once you've warmed up!) and you'll be able to burn some extra calories without noticing the difference. 
Indoor warm ups
If you're heading out on a jog and the stark temperature contrast seems too much, try warming up indoors first. Simple exercises such as jumping jacks, jogging on the spot or even some air boxing will help to increase your heart rate and temperature. Once you've started a sweat indoors, the cold outside will be quite refreshing and you'll be ready to head out on a run or jog. If you need help getting started on jogging, we love the Couch to 5k programme. 
Take a Jane Plan Yoga Class
Yoga is a great exercise no matter your age or ability. The breathing, meditation and poses in yoga are also associated with improved digestion, so there's plenty of benefits. You can join one of our live Zoom classes for free. 
Yoga with Georgie was created in the first lockdown to help people move more at home and stay connected too.  It is perfect for beginners as well as the more advanced and your first class is FREE! Join a group of like minded people for some more gentle movement and some 'me time' this week!
Wednesday 18 November at 6pm
Opening the side body
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Saturday  21 November at 9am
Cultivating a healthy spine
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Our commitment to your mental and physical health in lockdown
Anyone can join Jane Plan yoga - you don't need to be on Jane Plan! And every class is recorded, so as well as your live classes, you can enjoy endless free classes on demand. 
Find out more about our yoga! 
Jane Plan Care Package - stay safe at home
Eat well whilst staying at home  
The Jane Plan Care Package was launched in the first lockdown, and has continued in popularity ever since. With lockdown 2 now underway, it's in very high demand, but our promise is that we'll always deliver on time, all across the UK.
Whether you're avoiding the supermarkets for health reasons, have no time to queue, or feel uncomfortable wearing a mask - we can help. With no subscription, you can order our lunches and dinners on an ad hoc basis. Perfect in lockdown!  Our meals are deliciously healthy, and as they don't need to be stored in a fridge or freezer, you can really stock up. 
Save yourself  time, effort & money, and eat well! 
And don't forget - we don't advertise this anywhere else - it's exclusively available for Jane Planners and your loved ones. So please continue to spread the word. 
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News from Jane Plan
As we adapt to another lockdown, we're here to help you stay healthy.  Put yourself first with healthy eating that helps you feel better inside and out, so you can relax, knowing your nutrition is taken care of. To help with that we're busy working on lots of delicious new meals, and we've also introduced two new vegan meals to our range. Check out our pasta arrabiata and pasta Mediterranean!
If you're feeling isolated right now, don't forget you can join our private Facebook group - Trailblazers and chat with like minded people, or get in touch with our Nutrition team. We're here 7 days a week - to help you eat well, live well - and lose some weight too :)
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch....
Jane and the team xxxxx