Picture for Need some motivation to kick start your weight loss?

Need some motivation to kick start your weight loss?

Follow our top weight loss tips to 'ease', rather than squeeze, into your favourite clothes.

Here are Jane Plan's top weight loss tips to help you with your diet plan:

It's important to understand WHY you want to lose weight.

One of the most common reasons people decide to start a diet plan is seeing a photograph of themselves that they really don't like. When Jane took part in a photoshoot with Good Housekeeping, she spoke to loads of people, all of whom had lost weight. One of the ladies cited her reason why - she had seen a photo of herself and couldn't bear the idea of it going on the mantlepiece. Another common reason to lose weight is wanting to look and feel fabulous at a forthcoming special event, like a wedding or a party.

Whatever your reason WHY, now is the time to take action With Jane Planners losing an average of 12lbs in a month, it's never too late to make that healthy choice.

Need some extra motivation? Try this for size...

Find your dream dress (or top, jeans or work suit) and buy it slightly too small. Hang it in prime position in your wardrobe, so that you see it every day. The desire to wear the outfit you love and then see yourself in photos of looking great will help you to stay motivated on your diet plan. Imagine how you are going to feel wearing it?

It’s a great motivator to have a gorgeous fashion piece (be it a suit that will hang well, or a pair of jeans that you haven't worn in a few years) waiting in your wardrobe. So, if you need a bit of extra motivation, then it's time to hit the shops or sign up to one of our plans today!

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