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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated? Follow these top tips to stay hydrated and healthy.

Dehydration means there is a reduction in your body’s natural water content, resulting in the imbalance of salts and minerals in our system says the NHS. This imbalance can signal to the brain that we are hungry, making you want to reach for something indulgently salty or sweet rather than water!

We all know drinking water is tedious, but to prevent reaching dehydration we must keep plenty hydrated throughout the day. We’ve brainstormed 5 ways to make the all-important task of water drinking a little less of a drag.

Jane’s Favourite Tip - Add some sliced cucumber to your water jug/bottle.

Besides adding a little interest to your jug, cucumber contains the vitamin B-5 which aids the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the body! You can vary from Jane’s cucumber slices by adding half a squeezed lemon, which among many health benefits aids digestion and promotes weight loss!

The Trendy Alternative – Coconut Water

The trend for coconut water doesn’t seem to show signs of quitting, and we can see why! While coconut water only contains 46 calories a glass, is rich in potassium and is fat free, its sweet and refreshing and likely to bring your salt and sugar levels into balance after feeling dehydrated. Seemingly, a miracle drink! But beware, the evidence is scanty on some of the claims of coconut water!

Reconsider your coffee routine

Coffee contains caffeine (thank god), which is a known diuretic. This means that your cup of coffee in the morning might be causing you to lose fluids faster without being absorbed. To prevent potential dehydration later in the day because of this, why not try drinking a glass of water before your coffee. In Italy, an espresso is always served with a glass of water to encourage rehydration.

Eat your water

If you really can’t stand water, why not eat some hydrating foods?  According to Bupa some of your favourite salad vegetables are almost completely made of water. For example; Tomatoes contain 94%, cucumbers and lettuce contain 96% water! Whilst also packed with vitamins and minerals a handful of these foods can keep dehydration at bay.

Label your water bottle

If you lead a busy lifestyle and often forget to drink up, keep a tally of how much you’re drinking by drawing lines on your water bottle. For example, if you are aiming to drink 1 litre of water at work draw lines at 250ml intervals on your bottle, writing next to it the hour at which you need to have that 250ml drunk by.

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