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Party Panic

Canapés, cocktails and cake can make Christmas parties seem a major dieting dilemma! Here are five top tips for resisting temptation...

1. For every sip of wine have three sips of water! If there's someone constantly topping up your wine glass, don't worry. Keep a water glass to hand and sip regularly through the evening. You'll automatically drink less wine if you're hydrated.

2. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind! Stand as far away from the buffet as you can and, if a waiter does tempt you with canapés, avoid anything deep-fried or pastry based and limit yourself to three a night!

3.Squeeze Into Something Sexy! Tight-fitting clothes around our stomachs will subconsciously help you hold back on tempting treats. So a tailored suit and slim-cut shirt for the gentlemen and a clingy Christmas dress for the ladies, will not only show off your figures but help you eat less! 

4. Danger At The Dinner Table! To overcome the temptation to continue picking at potatoes and parsnips, once you've helped yourself, pass the bowl down the table and clear leftovers away before you're tempted to snack while you chat! 

5. Swap Chocolates for Crudités! Christmas grazing can greatly contribute to those unwelcome extra pounds that we discover in the New Year, but if the snacks aren't in sight, you won't eat them! We say, replace calorific chocolates and crisps with homemade canapés and fresh crudités! 

We're here to help so if you think that you need a bit more help that what these tips have to offer, have a look at our Diet Plans and sign up to Jane Plan today! 

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