Picture for The Power of Positive Thinking!

The Power of Positive Thinking!

We think it’s really important to focus on positivity and its power to uplift and influence our state of mind.

A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes that they can overcome obstacles and difficulties. They try to distance themselves from negative emotions, which can narrow our minds, focus and thoughts. They can even prevent our brains from seeing other options and choices around us, which can cause a spiral of negative thinking. It’s our survival instinct to think the worst. We all experience these emotions or feelings of stress now and again, but what we’re challenging ourselves to do is turn those bad thoughts upside down, or cut down on their frequency!

When you experience positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love, you will see more possibilities in your life. Research has also shown that not only are positive thinkers healthier and less stressed, they also have greater overall well-being. One person immediately sprang to mind when we considered these positive qualities - our lovely Jane Planner Lisa Pass!

Every time one of us speaks to Lisa, we hang up the phone in a better mood! She oozes warmth and has come so far on her Jane Plan journey. We were delighted to name her as our March Jane Planner of the month - just look at the pictures above to see how fab she looks? Lisa's story is an inspiration. After years of struggling with her weight, she decided the only answer was to undergo surgery for a gastric band. Her partner sold his car to pay for it!  But then she found Jane Plan, and now 2 stone lighter, Lisa is well on the way to reaching her goals without resorting to surgery.

Huge congrats to Lisa! She has continued to stay in touch and has shared advice and tips with other Jane Planners and given everyone a boost with her attitude.

So we say, take a leaf out of Lisa's book and make someone in your life smile and radiate a bit of happiness! Trust us, you'll end up feeling great too as you’ll experience an upward spiral where positive emotions bring us better health and therefore generate more positive emotions! What a great circle. 

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