The secret to healthy habits that last!

Be kind to yourself, set lifestyle goals and take one small step at a time. September is all about new beginnings, forming new routines, starting afresh on the healthy new you - the challenge is how to make these new beginnings become healthy habits that last.


Whether you are looking to lose a little or a lot of weight, or just wanting to transition to a healthier lifestyle, to make any of these changes last, you need to build healthy habits that stick. Here are our top tips to doing just that, starting this September. 

Focus on lifestyle goals to keep you motivated
When you're managing your weight do you tend to focus on the number on the scales and let that number become everything? You're not alone! The problem with this approach is that if the number doesn't reflect the effort you have put in, you become hard on yourself - you feel like a failure. Whilst the number on the scales is important for measuring progress, it's also important to focus on lifestyle goals, such as how relaxed you feel after a Jane Plan yoga class, or the energy and satisfaction you get from eating a delicious Jane Plan lunch. These goals are more focused on the day - to - day, as opposed to just a number, and they are more sticky, leading to a change in habits - that last.

Be kind to yourself
You'll find it easier to make long term changes if you're kind to yourself. So if you're beating yourself up because you haven't lost the amount of weight you wanted to, it's only going to hinder your long term goals.
Instead, be kind to yourself, choose to change your habits because you want things to be a little more in line with what's important to you - such as feeling more energised, more confident, or even to sleep better at night. It's these goals that will keep you motivated to make long term changes. Find what lifestyle change motivates you and keep it in your mind - for good. 

Don't let an unhealthy day become an unhealthy week
When it comes to weight loss, don't try to get everything perfect the first time, and then if it isn't perfect, think you've failed. If you think you've failed, you'll give up! Instead of beating yourself up when your healthy eating goes awry, try techniques such as asking yourself questions like 'so what went wrong here', 'did I feel upset/bored/angry at the time', 'why did I give in to temptation' then look and learn to see what went wrong and apply those learnings going forward, so the same thing doesn't happen again.

One small step at a time
When it comes to healthy habits, it's not about doing it all at once, it's about deciding on a first step for you  - it could be trying out a Jane Plan yoga class. 

Yoga with Georgie is an easy and achievable first step to making long - term changes that really last.


Joining a gentle Jane Plan yoga class is the first step towards forming a new habit that could change your life, helping you feel more body confident, getting rid of aches and pains, feeling more energised and refreshed.  Whether you're a complete beginner, or a more experienced yogi, Georgie will help you build strength and flexibility. Wednesday's class will work around the muscles in the legs, with an opportunity to strengthen the hamstrings as well as the glutes and back muscles. Then on Saturday we return to the spine, this week it's all about nice juicy and gentle forward folds that will leave you feeling calm and grounded.  Keep an eye out on Instabook each week for the class titles to see what's to come!


Find out more about our Yoga classes.


 Your first class is FREE. And, as all the classes are on Zoom, we also record the live classes, so you can access them as many times as you want,  free of charge, for seven days following the live class. Click the button to find out more. PS Our yoga classes are available to everyone - you don't have to be a member of Jane Plan to join a class.


News from Jane Plan

Back to school, back to healthy eating and back to the office for us here at Jane Plan. We're now all in the office at least one day a week and it's been so wonderful to see all the lovely team again. We've been sampling a whole range of delicious new porridge bars and also tucking into some high protein bars and waffles. We love your feedback, so if you'd like to join us on our journey as we bring you more delicious goodies in your Jane Plan, let us know. We can send you sample bars to try (but be quick, we don't have many samples) and we'd love to hear what you think. And, if there's anything you'd like to see added to the Jane Plan menu, let us know - we love new ideas. 


Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch
Jane and the team