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Why Getting Outside is So Good for Your Health

Our friends at Neat Nutrition have given us even more reasons to get outside this summer!

There is nothing like a brisk walk to put your mind at rest. Who knew they could be good for your health! We love the advice our friends at Neat Nutrition ‘https://www.neat-nutrition.com/’ have given us regarding the great outdoors, we can’t wait to walk home!

You probably just need a bit of fresh air” is the kind of Motherly advice many of us were given as children when we complained of after-school headaches or feeling tired. And sure enough, even as adults, spending too much time inside can often leave us feeling fidgety, unmotivated and irritable. So, to encourage you to get outside more this Summer, we've rounded up just a few of the amazing benefits you could gain from heading to the park after work...

Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Sunlight is an amazing natural source of vitamin D, and this miracle vitamin is essential for a whole host of different things - from bone growth and inflammation reduction to basic immune functioning. Spending more time in the great outdoors and soaking up those rays this summer is a great way to increase your vitamin D intake and keep your body in tip-top shape! 

Improve Your Sleep

There's something about a nice long walk in the countryside that always seems to have you ready to fall asleep in a heartbeat! It's said that spending more time in a natural setting can actually help increase your quality of sleep, as it helps to regulate the body's internal clock that tells us when we need to eat and sleep. Try swapping your next gym session for a workout in the park to make sure you get your forty-winks! 

Boost Your Energy

Feeling sleepy and sluggish at your desk? Relying too heavily on caffeine to perk you up can send your energy levels on a rollercoaster ride. Going for a stroll outside to get a quick dose of fresh air can be a great alternative to grabbing a coffee when your brain needs a boost.

Reduce Stress

A lot of people say they feel calmer after spending some time outside, and sure enough it has been shown to help lower your heart rate, decrease your anxiety and bring you the sense of calm you need. Going for a walk is also a great time to take a break from technology, helping you to clear your head before you start feeling overwhelmed. 

This article was provided by our friends at Neat Nutrition ‘https://www.neat-nutrition.com/’ where it was originally posted.

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