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8 reasons to start a Jane Plan food diary

You might not realise it but keeping a food diary can greatly improve the success of a long term diet plan.

What, when and why are you eating? Your Jane Plan food diary holds the secrets...


Writing will become second nature. Record everything, even if that seems painful! The more honest you are with yourself, the sooner you'll start to recognise your triggers and unhealthy eating patterns.

Mindless munching will be a thing of the past. Many of us are in denial about how much we eat. Think of that biscuit running out the door or the packet of crisps at your desk at lunch today? When it’s in black and white on paper, it’s a lot harder to ignore.

You'll recognise the warning bells. An honest food diary can unveil patterns of overeating. It can also identify triggers to avoid. It will help you to understand more about your relationship with food and lay the foundations for developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Take a look back and smile. Overcoming a challenging week and looking back on it will build your mental strength and resilience.

It'll be easier to plan ahead. As you get more confident with your diary keeping, you can then use it to plan out basic meals and snacks in order to create a balanced diet.

You'll fill in the blanks. Whether you’re skipping breakfast or avoiding veggies, your food diary serves as a mirror to your eating habits. By facing your diet weaknesses, you can put plans in place to improve your eating habits longer term.

Say hello to a healthier you. Your food diary will make you want to eat healthier and want to look at food in a different way. Mindful eating fosters a conscious awareness of food intake and patterns of eating.

You'll learn more about food. You might be surprised to see that some foods that you thought were healthy have the highest amount of calories. Educating yourself on healthier choices is one of the best long-term steps to sustained weight loss.

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