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Your regular dose of positivity

Your regular dose of positivity With so many changes happening right now in our daily lives, we're committed to bringing you a regular dose of positivity and happiness.

This week I wanted to share with you what we've been up to Jane Plan HQ to keep our little business in the best possible shape as the world shifts yet again, to support our wonderful team, our community, and of course, all you lovely Jane Planners.  I also wanted to share my thoughts on finding a moment of calm and staying positive, in what sometimes seems like chaotic times.

And to get us in a more positive frame of mind, I couldn't resist posting a picture of Sunny, the Jane Plan dog, bringing his own special version of positivity! 


Coping with uncertainty in an ever changing world
Over the last few weeks and months, many of us had started to relax into a new routine - tentatively going out to socialise, wearing masks and embracing the joys of seeing family and friends again. But right now, all that seems less certain - and I feel learning to live with uncertainty is how our lives will be for the forthcoming months.

Even though 'full' lockdown is behind us, there will be some more hard times ahead, yet there will also be some positive moments, that are full of love, kindness and generosity. Like many of you, I'm back working at home again. Along with my amazing team, we're trying to support thousands of customers, juggle numerous food suppliers and once again deal with the work/life balance issues that come when you're working at home. The one thing that stands out over the past few months, is how wonderful all you Jane Planners are - your kind words of patience, understanding and positivity have been inspiring.
 The other thing I have noticed, is that being at home more does have some positives, but it can be hard when it comes to carving out some calm and some 'me time' - not to mention staying on track with your healthy eating! So I've put together some easy ideas to help you stay on track with your positivity.

Five small steps to staying positive
Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol - instead focus on drinking herbal teas like mint and camomile

Don't comfort eat - avoid high sugar foods and constant snacking

Don't let one bad day, become a bad week - if you've over eaten on one day, or succumbed to snacking, just get straight back on board with your healthy eating the next day  

Get outside at least once a day and take some gentle exercise

And finally, take 10 minutes every day of 'me time' - whether it's a relaxing bath, walking the dog or reading a book - empty your mind of thoughts of the future, breathe, relax and smile.


Jane Plan Yoga - designed to make you smile

Yoga with Georgie 
Our classes are held on zoom, so you can stay safe at home whilst gently exercising. Once you've signed up, we send you a link and all you need to do is relax, enjoy and let Georgie take you through the session. Yoga has been proven to have a positive effect on our mental health, so there's never been a better time to get started.

Wednesday 30 September at 6pm
All about the legs

 A little bit of everything from our legs sessions, all sprinkled into one 
 Click here to join

Saturday 3 October at 9am
Strong psoas (the front of the hips)

We'll be working on stretching and strengthening the front of our hips
Click here to join

 Your first class is FREE. And, as all the classes are on Zoom, we also record the live classes, so you can access them as many times as you want,  free of charge, for seven days following the live class. Click the button to find out more. 

Our commitment to your mental health
Anyone can join Jane Plan yoga - you don't need to be on Jane Plan! We're here for you - looking after your body and your mind. 

Find out more about our yoga!
Jane Plan Care Package 
A bestseller here at Jane Plan, and not surprising as so many of you are staying safe at home again. 
The Jane Plan Care Package is all about helping people. Unlike our usual subscription plans that are designed to help you make long term changes to your healthy eating, the Care Package has been developed so you can eat well whilst staying at home - and it's not a subscription plan! If you're avoiding supermarket queues, in a local lockdown, worried about shopping comfortably whilst wearing a mask, or simply want great food delivered - we've got this covered.

 The Care Package is a brilliant way to stock up your cupboard, save time and effort, and eat well!
And don't forget - we don't advertise this anywhere else - it's exclusively available for Jane Planners and your loved ones. So please continue to spread the word. 
Make your life easier, or  help a loved one, either by clicking on the link below or call 0203 489 4770.
Order your Care Package
News from Jane Plan
Covid-19 and the risks associated with extra weight 

As many of you know, we work very closely with Dr. Sarah Jarvis. As an expert advisor to Jane Plan, Dr. Sarah Jarvis has a particular interest in helping people to achieve a healthier weight.
Dr. Sarah Jarvis is also an expert on Covid-19, and right now she's trying to get the message out there, that if you're carry extra weight, there is help available. Along with Dr. Sarah Jarvis, we're promoting the NHS message on Covid-19 and the risks associated with carrying extra weight. Over 2/3's of adults in the UK are either over-weight or living with obesity. Extra weight makes it harder to fight heart disease, cancer and now Covid-19. If you're living with obesity, Covid-19 can mean you're twice as likely to be hospitalised, however, reducing your BMI can lower the risk.
You can take action and reduce your BMI today with Jane Plan. Our team of fully qualified Nutritionists are on hand to help and answer your questions. Simply call us on 0203 489 4770 - or email hello@janeplan.com today. 
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch....
and have  a positive and happy week!
and the team

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