Hello, I'm Jane

I’m a wife & mother with three beautiful children. Apart from my lovely family, my mission is to spread the love for healthy food and flavours. I'm passionate about eating lighter and leaner and the effect it has on our waist line and our wellbeing. Jane Plan is so precious to me. I started it to show the world that eating beautiful food, in the right quantities, is key to being healthier and happier. My promise is to nurture and nourish you throughout your weight loss journey.

I am going to share with you just how joyful healthy food can be and how easy it is to change your life for good. Jane Plan isn’t a quick fix diet but a lifelong plan that will change the way you eat forever.

I believe few things are more important than the food we eat.

However for it to work its magic on our health,  it has to be carefully sourced, beautifully balanced and perfectly portioned.  And this is what lies at the heart of Jane Plan  – deliciously healthy dishes for you to enjoy in just the right amount.

Jane Plan takes away the worry of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat  so you can become the person you want to be – leaner, lighter with a healthier attitude to food. Variety, flavour and goodness are at the heart of our dishes. I want you to enjoy what you are eating and learn from the food we give you what to put on your plate for the rest of your life.  Jane Plan is all about moderation, balance and feeling and looking fantastic.

I too have struggled with my weight.

I was a yo-yo dieter. No matter which diet I tried as soon as I  stopped the weight piled back on.   But I wasn’t going to give in.  I was determined to find something that worked. I started eating a balance of healthy foods in the right quantities – not too much, not too little – and I became more active too. The weight dropped off. Best of all it stayed off!

Fired by my success I decided that if it worked for me it would work for you, I went on to study Nutrition and five years later  Jane Plan was born.  I love searching for wholesome ingredients, creating delicious dishes in the kitchen and living a healthy, activelife. But most of all I love talking to you, fellow Jane Planners, hearing your stories, your highs and lows, your struggles and successes. I know it’s not easy but I want to make it as easy as it possibly can be.  My mission is to change your attitude to food for life.

I founded Jane Plan in 2010, from my kitchen table.

My first clients were friends and neighbours who wanted to be healthier, lighter, fitter – just like you and me. I’d buy my ingredients from Waitrose, create a box of deliciously healthy, calorie-controlled meals for them, deliver it to their door, then stay in touch to see the results. It worked! They loved the ease of it all and they really loved the results.

Word spread. I was picked up by The Daily Mail - I was actually on holiday at the time and didn’t even have a web site. And the rest is history. Since then I have written a book, become a regular on national TV and am featured frequently in the press (Prima, Woman & Home and Good Housekeeping have all done profiles of me).  I also have a wonderful team of like-minded Jane Planners who work hard to bring our box of delicious meals to your door and with it the long-term weight loss you’ve always wanted.

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The beginning

Jane has a light bulb moment! She combines her love of good food with her nutritional expertise to create a plan that REALLY works!

We started very small

It all starts at her kitchen table, buying ingredients from Waitrose and hand delivering to her friends

It Works!

Her friends are hooked. They love the food and even better they lose weight. Jane Plan is born!

New kitchen

The Jane Plan kitchen creates a wide range of delicious dishes, including our famous Thai Chicken Curry.

News Spread

News spreads! Jane Plan is featured in Vogue, Daily Mail and a whole host of other magazines.

Improved menu

The menu's get bigger and better, the Mushroom Soup with Porcini is a hit and our organic range is launched.


As Jane Plan gets bigger we want to give something back so become involved with a number of charity fund-raising initiatives

Daily Mail

Daily Mail feature Jane Plan as UK's #1 gluten-free weight loss plan. We become known for not only our gorgeous food but for our tailor made plans

On TV!

We're on the telly - millions see our TV debut. 8 of our lovely clients tell all about Jane Plan

Good Housekeeping

Jane Plan is rated best 'diet' delivery service by Good Housekeeping magazines Tried and Tested section.

Upcoming book

The Jane Plan Book is due to be published in May 2014. Read all about how to lose weight the Jane Plan Way. Destined to be a Best Seller!

New meals!

We've been adding delicious meals to our range, including creamy Chicken Korma with a side of Basmati rice and Thai Style Salmon Salad

Celebrity Jane Planner!

TV celebrity Chantelle Houghton lost two stone with Jane Plan and left behind a past of yo-yo dieting. We think she looks fabulous.

We go big on protein

We added delicious mixed nuts, seeds and salted almonds to our snack range. They've had a big thumbs up from clients!

Jane Planner loses 9 stone!

Tasha Frampton had an incredible weight loss journey with Jane Plan. She lost 9 stone and starred on the cover of Woman magazine!

Supporting BCC

Team Jane Plan raised nearly £700 for Breast Cancer Care and walked 20 miles through the night. A fabulous event for all involved.

Delicious new veggie meals

We're always working on new meal recipes - the latest is our Luxury Lentil Cottage Pie, Root Vegetable Casserole and Malaysian Veg Curry to name a few- yummy!

Jane Planners in the press

Jane Plan is all over the press - we're featured in a total of 7 glossy magazines. We're even described as "the weight loss plan that's sweeping the nation"!

New Breakfast Bar

The perfect start for Jane Planners in a rush in the morning - our new breakfast bar was launched in March 2016

New TV ad

Excited to be filming yet another TV ad, featuring Jane Planners who have achieved their goals and reaching even more millions.

More food

Did someone say chocolate? We've added our now 'best selling' and famous chocolate bar.

In the press again

We've now been featured in the Prima, Woman & Home, Top Sante and Women's Health.

New year, new you

With over 14 millions meals sold, we're now the UK's favourite healthy meal delivery service

Trust Pilot Reviews

Jane Plan is ranked as "Excellent" on the independent review website Trust Pilot. Join the other Planners and let us know how the plan has changed YOUR life!


Sunny - the Jane Plan office puppy arrives - we love him!

What a year 2019 has been! One incredible Planner featured in Channel 4's "How To Lose Weight Well"

Jane Planners run Marathons

It's amazing to see so many Planners running Marathons! Planner Richard achieved an incredible PB of 3 hours 28 minutes and lost 3 stone on the Plan!

Launch of Jane Planner of the Month

Today we launched Jane Planner of the Month: awarded to the Planner who has pushed the boundaries with their weight loss goals and really inspired us!

Debut Feature in The Daily Telegraph

A special moment for Jane Plan as we had a debut feature in national newspaper: The Daily Telegraph.

End of 2019

We've just shot our 5th TV ad using yet more real Jane Planners - this gang have lost over 7 stone between them.